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· 10 min read

Feeling the Burn: How the Perth Heat moved to a Bitcoin standard.

Australian Baseball League, the Perth Heat became the first professional sporting club in the world to operate on a Bitcoin standard. The club now uses the Lightning Network to make Bitcoin payments to players, staff and suppliers and take payments...
Technology · 6 min read
The Dunning-Kruger effect occurs when people believe that their knowledge or ability in a specific area is much greater than it actually is. It tends to occur due to a lack of self-awareness preventing an individual from accurately assessing their own knowledge and abilities; their skill set.
Money · 7 min read
₿itcoin is volatile, so they say. Or is it? Sceptics, no-coiners, even pre-coiners alike love to unimaginatively point this out time and time again, especially during downtrends. So, is Bitcoin really too volatile?
Culture · 7 min read
Here – in no particular order – are ten Bitcoin books we recommend you read in order to really grok why it is you should be stacking and saving in Bitcoin (with Amber, obviously) as much and as often as you can.
Money · 7 min read
In this article, we outline why Bitcoin is better for small businesses, how businesses can begin adding Bitcoin to their portfolio, and how people can apply the financial principles of large companies to their finances.
Technology · 5 min read
Is Bitcoin Myspace? No. Bitcoin is a slowly and deliberately evolving, yet incredibly flexible protocol that is changing the world in ways we can barely comprehend.
Culture · 4 min read
Virtually all human rights are contingent upon our ability to use money. Living in our world requires access to scarce resources — food, water, and shelter — without which we, as mortal humans, cannot survive.
Culture · 9 min read
What can be done, to help small business in order to avoid becoming so susceptible to more arbitrary (albeit, and arguably, well intentioned) government intervention? What must be done?

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently used Bitcoin terms you need to know about. With this handy glossary on hand, these words will soon feel like second nature and you’ll be understanding & using Bitcoin like a pro.

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