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Buying and accumulating bitcoin is one thing, but those who build enduring wealth also educate themselves continuously.

Analysed by Amber – May 30th 2020

At a glance, these weeks post halving have been uneventful - there has been no moon-shoot past $10,000 USD for Bitcoin, no implosion of global economies and no second coming of Satoshi.

Analysed by Amber – May 12 2020

As we close the curtain on the pre-Halving week, a lot has happened around the world and in markets - from legendary hedge fund managers throwing their weight behind Bitcoin to national governments proposing nuclear-powered Bitcoin-mining.

The Halving or Halvening…

There is an event coming up, which happens every four years (or 210,000 blocks in Bitcoin speak), that many people have been talking about. It’s known as the Halvening, or the Halving, depending on who you ask.

Why Bitcoin Matters

There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Bitcoin, and coming into 2019, I’m glad to see a broader push back toward the Bitcoin narrative, especially after a solid 2yrs of shit-coinery, ICOs, Bcashing, Wrighting, wronging, Verring, blockchaining for the sake of blockchain & whatever other stupidity we saw..