What is Money?

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published 5 months ago


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Money has taken many forms over the years and in this post we will take a quick look at some of money’s history and key properties—completely explained with GIFs 🤑

Money is a medium of exchange to store and move value 🔄

Individuals trade their time and energy for money ⏱ 💪 ➡️ 💵

Then trade their money for consumables, experiences and assets. 💸 ➡️ ☕️ 🏟 🏡

Money has taken a few forms over the ages… 💸

Shells, beads, salt, cattle, silver & gold… 🐚🐮🧂

Historically, rare metals have been the most sound money 🥇🥈🥉

Today’s money is government controlled paper/digital tokens… 🏦

where they are regularly debased and manipulated. 📉📈

“Your” money is actually an artificial value that costs real time and energy to acquire… 🫠

buying bitcoin is to fight the good fight and stake your claim in a fair and honest monetary system ✊

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