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Simon Futo

August 22, 2023
Great service and a perfect option for Bitcoiners looking for a streamlined and friction-less place to buy and sell BTC.

Cory L

August 22, 2023
Super fast support anytime of day. Tight like a tiger spreads. Minimal fees (On black members) Automation everywhere, I love the ‘buy the dip’ automation, easy to snag some cheap bitties. Highly recommend, 5/5. Black membership could be cheaper for more casual investors or have a middle tier.

Richard Person

August 22, 2023
Great app for quickly and easily stacking sats. The support team was very quick and efficient in dealing with my questions on how to set up recurring buys of btc. Very happy all round so far 😃


August 22, 2023
Trust Pilot Logo
Easy to use app. Great service and very reasonable rates. The fact they now offer Bitcoin transfer to lightning instantly and super cheap makes this the number 1 app to buy Bitcoin with. Their DCA buying function allows daily purchases and the app provides great insight into your purchase history. What drew me most to AmberApp was that they focus on Bitcoin only which shows focus and allows them to provide exceptional security and service. Highly recommend Amber for anyone wanting to buy Bitcoin in a simple and secure way.

Romeo Kouchoo

August 22, 2023
Trust Pilot Logo
When aliens find earth one day, they’ll teach us how to fly at the speed of light, and we’ll teach them about hard money with Bitcoin. And, AmberApp will be part of the entourage. Real cool app. Real easy to use. Explicitly created for small and cumulative investments throughout a Bitcoiner’s whole life. Excellent speed from the team members and available for what seems like 24/7. Remember this crew. 5 stars.

James Jenkin

March 18, 2023
So far I’ve had amazing customer service help with verification, and quick responses. The app itself is great with plenty of little articles to read, and it’s bitcoin only which is a huge plus. No more altcoin casinos for me. DCA is a hugely important aspect to me as well, so looking forward to setting that up and sitting back with no worries while the sats roll in.


June 21, 2022
I only stack sats with AmberApp. It’s simple, bitcoin only, has great features and a rockin’ community.


June 20, 2022
If you you’re not using AmberApp to save money, you should be. It’s making saving money super easy. Super simple platform and lay out. Minimal fees, very responsive customer service. Get on to it…


June 19, 2022
One of the great bitcoin-only exchanges here in Oz is back for all Aussies with some cool new features, a special offer, and perfectly .. sats are on sale!

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