Why Does Consent Matter?

3 min read by Anooj Mehta
published 4 weeks ago


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Why Consent Matters - Rothbard quote

Consent is a fundamental concept in our society, it underpins every interaction we have. From personal relationships to business transactions, consent is essential to ensure that all parties are aware of what they are agreeing to and that they are acting voluntarily. 

In essence, consent means that you have the power to say yes or no to something and that your decision is respected by others. It is the foundation of freedom and autonomy. Without consent, we are merely victims or slaves.

One of the most obvious examples of why consent is important is in the distinction between robbery and a transaction. In a robbery, the victim has no choice in the matter; he or she is forced to give up their belongings against their will due to the threat of violence if they don’t. In a transaction, however, both parties agree to exchange something of value and the mutual consent of both parties is what makes the exchange valid. Without consent, the transaction becomes a robbery, and one party becomes a victim.

Similarly, the distinction between slavery and employment is based on consent. In slavery, a person is forced to work without their consent, often through violent coercion. On the other hand, in employment, the worker agrees to perform a certain task or service in exchange for compensation. This agreement is based on consent, where the worker retains their autonomy and freedom.

Rules create a framework for society that outlines the rights and responsibilities of individuals and institutions. In a free market, rules ensure that everyone has an opportunity to compete, defend themselves and that the exchange of goods and services is based on voluntary consent.

When people work together voluntarily, they create value and build trust. Cooperation of such scale has led to the demand and emergence of new monies that are based on cooperation rather than coercion, as they are market founded and emergent, instead of being top down and by decree which is violently enforced. 

Market founded money has been various different commodities over the years, such as Yap stones, tally sticks, precious metals and Bitcoin. Authoritative money, like unbacked paper or digits and central bank digital currencies, is required by legal systems to be imposed due to the arbitrary nature of the rules (supply and interest rates) always changing. This makes it difficult for users to plan for the future or effectively measure the current value of products and services.

If you are a victim or a slave, it is because of rulers that disregard the necessity for consent, they then threaten with violence of some nature, so that they can coerce, expropriate and thieve. So they can steal the fruits of your labour, just at varying levels.

If stealing 100% of your earnings is slavery, what is 90% or 10%?

If you still can’t say no, but it is to a lesser extent, are you only 10% slave and 90% free? Or is it binary: can you say no?.

Rulers use their power to impose their will on others, often under the guise of “for your safety.” This leads to a lack of freedom and autonomy, as individuals are forced to comply with the will of the ruling class or face some form of repercussion, such as fines or jail time.

Fiat currency is such horrible money that it requires government enforcement through legal tender laws, as it would not be freely chosen. When people are forced to use a particular form of money, they lose their autonomy to choose and become subject to the will of those who control the currency.


This can lead to economic instability, as the value of the currency is not based on voluntary cooperation and trust. Places like Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Venezuela and Argentina are good examples of monopolised money that inflates away people’s savings, their ability to plan for the future, and redistributes that purchasing power.

In conclusion, consent is the foundation of freedom and autonomy. Whether in personal relationships or business transactions, consent allows us to retain control over our own lives and make decisions based on our own values and beliefs. Without consent, we become victims or slaves, subject to the will of others, which can change on a whim. It is only through a combination of rules and voluntary cooperation that we can create a society that values consent and promotes freedom and autonomy for all.

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