Ten of the Best Bitcoin Podcasts for your Brain

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published 2 years ago


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Image: I wish he had Bitcoins, 2021 by San São

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Podcasts have become one of the biggest and most important platforms creators can utilise in the 21st century. In the ₿itcoin space, this is no different. Books, Twitter and podcasts are all prominent ways Bitcoiners learn and get their information about this incredible technology. Arguably, podcasts are the biggest of all three. 

Podcasts deliver something unique – information at your own pace. No longer do you need to go to the effort of carrying a tonne of books around (ugh, so much effort), finding someplace quiet to read, and then storing them when you’re done. Even buying the book in the first place, which, let’s face it, can get expensive, is technically a net-negative, compared with a podcast. You can literally turn on your phone, pick a podcast episode to listen to and start learning…

Podcasts have changed the game in the media and information industry. The amount of knowledge about Bitcoin sitting in podcasts is mind-blowing… 🤯. All the best Bitcoin minds are willing to take you on a journey to show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Anytime, anywhere. Whenever you’re ready. No one has yet found the bottom.

Sometimes people may argue that Bitcoin podcasts can get a bit repetitive – same guests, same questions, different hosts. These people are not digging hard enough. Each host offers something special and unique, and, besides, you don’t always have to listen to the new podcasts! Go back in time and find something you like, because the depth and breadth of information and understanding now out there, about Bitcoin, these days is incredible. 

On the other hand, there is also a lot of misinformation swirling about Bitcoin, which is often created by people who haven’t yet taken the time to learn about this incredible technology.

All of the best podcasts are made by Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners. There are so many good podcasts nowadays, it’s difficult to fit them all on one list, but we’re gonna try… 

Here – in no particular order – are ten Bitcoin podcasts we recommend you listen to to really grok why you should be stacking sats and and saving in Bitcoin with AmberApp.

1. Bitcoin Fundamentals 🔤

Hosted by Preston Pysh

Bitcoin Fundamentals quickly grew to the most popular podcast on The Investor’s Podcast Network, and if you listen to one episode, you’ll understand why. Pysh always has fantastic guests who dive into the right topics and ask the most important questions. A true masterclass on how to conduct a podcast. Even though Bitcoin isn’t the main focus of every episode, Pysh always finds a way to creatively tie it in. Definitely listen to some of the earlier episodes of Bitcoin Fundamentals, if you’re a beginner. Although, anything you choose will deliver A+ content.

2. The “What is Money?” Show 🤔

Hosted by Robert Breedlove

Strap yourself in, because your mind is about to be stretched. Breedlove, a philosopher at heart, continues to push the boundaries of what Bitcoin really represents. He is furiously curious about the question “What is Money?” which leads to some of the most intriguing conversations in the Bitcoin space. He continuously dives into long-form conversations that help you understand Bitcoin and the world – on a different level. Breedlove, one of the most articulately spoken people in this space, will become your new best friend because you’ll need to set some time out for these episodes. However, you won’t regret one minute of it.  

3. What Bitcoin Did

Hosted by Peter McCormack

Peter McCormack has evolved his podcast into something bigger than I’m sure he initially imagined. McCormack, makes podcasts personal, he travels to a destination with one goal – have a conversation. McCormack’s strengths come in his ability to make topics simple enough to have on a conversational level. A great beginner’s guide can be found here. Although, this doesn’t mean his podcasts aren’t for those more advanced. In recent months, his podcast has produced some of the most popular discussions with the likes of Jack Mallers, Nic Carter and Lyn Alden. McCormack truly has some great relationships in the Bitcoin space.

4. Stephan Livera’s Podcast ⛓️

Hosted by Stephan Livera

You’ll never run out of things to listen to on Livera’s Podcast. One of the older podcasts on this list, it has always ranked highly for people’s favourite Bitcoin podcast. Livera has become one of the most influential Bitcoiner’s in the space and this is clearly evident in how he engages his guests in discussion. His knowledge on the technical level of Bitcoin, allows him to push conversations deeper than most others can go. So, if you are looking for a podcast covering more expert-level topics on Bitcoin, this one excels. 

5. Bitcoin Audible 🔊

Hosted by Guy Swann

Maybe reading isn’t your thing. Maybe you want to listen to the voice of a down-home southern angel. Bitcoin Audible does all that and more. Swann reads all the most important writing in Bitcoin and converts them to audio form. So, you never miss any of the content that you can’t be bothered to read. Don’t expect a conversation, Bitcoin Audible is essentially an audio book service, tailored for Bitcoiners. Think of Swann like a parent, reading a bedtime story, except you’re learning about some magical orange coin and he’s not your parent! 

6. The Bitcoin Standard Podcast ⚖️

Hosted by Saifedean Ammous

The Bitcoin Standard, is the go-to podcast for someone who is chasing the economics side of Bitcoin. Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard & The Fiat Standard, specializes in Austrian economics, and demonstrates his school of thought, throughout each episode. No matter what topic may arise, Ammous is always willing to express his authentically personal thoughts. Usually, you would listen to a podcast episode for the guests, but Ammous has so much knowledge to give, that it really doesn’t matter who the guest is. You know you’re going to get something out of each episode!

7. Simply Bitcoin 🟧

Hosted by two taco plebs @BITVOLT7 & @Coinicarus

If you’re looking for something less mainstream – this is it. Simply Bitcoin truly represents those who make Bitcoin… The plebs. Sometimes it is important to realise that the “celebrities” of the space don’t make up the majority of the space. The less known plebs are those who care about Bitcoin – just as much, if not even more. Read the Blocksize Wars to see how important these people are for Bitcoin. Simply Bitcoin, is also a super fun listen if you want to catch up on any of the news in the Bitcoin space, even the spicy stuff.

8. Wake Up Podcast 🌅

Hosted by Aleks Svetski

Svetski’s podcast isn’t for the faint of heart; be prepared to face brutal truths, question common beliefs and return, with the veil that surrounds reality lifted. The Wake Up podcast is for those who want guidance in understanding the current world around them. This isn’t only about Bitcoin either. Svetski goes into in-depth discussions with many prominent figures of all calibers. And his ability to question and think deeply about important topics has made him one of the best in the Bitcoin space. 

9. Coin Stories 📖

Hosted by Natalie Brunell

The growth of Coin Stories can be attested to the ability of Brunell to get the most out of her guests. Only kicking off in 2021, Brunell has grown her podcast into one of the best upcoming podcasts in the space. Brunell is an excellent speaker, and paired with her precise level knowledge of Bitcoin, she allows her guests to express their own ideas before complimenting them with her own thoughts to further the conversations. With just shy of 60 episodes ever produced, Coin Stories is only going to become more popular throughout 2022. 

10. The Mark Moss Show 👱🏼‍♂️

Hosted by Mark Moss

Short on time? Want to know what’s going on in the world? Give Moss 40 minutes of your time, every few days and you won’t regret it. Moss is always delivering the – need to know – in bite-sized chunks. This doesn’t mean he is only covering easily digestible content, Moss is a high level thinker with a world view that’s more advanced than most. He won’t just stick to Bitcoin. Be prepared to learn about how the markets work, what the banks want and what the future may hold. Truly thought-provoking stuff by a fascinating individual.

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*cover art by San São; a French artist who made his debut by graffiti at night under different pseudonyms. Leaving aside the “graffiti vandal”, he has now been working in a workshop, on canvas, for several years. Its “pop art” style with its flat colors is recognizable from the first glance. He mainly paints portraits according to his wishes and refuses any form of artistic constraints.

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