The Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoin

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Step One

Download and install the AmberApp on your mobile device and follow the instructions to Sign-Up.

Step Two

The best way to buy Bitcoin, stack sats, and start saving in the hardest money ever is, first, to learn Bitcoin. Click the ‘Learn’ tab in AmberApp for Bitcoin 101.

Step Three

Click the (+) Buy Button to make your first purchase.† Select either EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or PayID, follow instructions and enter the relevant details.*

Step Four

Learn more about Bitcoin:

Step Five (Optional)

Sponsor the world’s first Bitcoin baseball team, Perth Heat! ⚾️ 🔥

Amber Black: Take your sat stacking journey to the next level.

† 0.99% exchange fees apply; for full details.
*Credit Card, Apple/Google Pay payments coming soon.

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