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published 2 years ago


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Everyone loves to do things fast. The faster you can get something done. The better. Buying Bitcoin is no different. And there’s an extremely fast way you can buy Bitcoin: the AmberApp. In under 90 seconds, you can make your first Bitcoin buy. And there’s only 4 steps that go into making this claim a reality.

There are many different reasons to buy Bitcoin. You may think it’s the best form of money. Maybe you buy it for its digital scarcity. Or you may think it will disrupt the current monetary system + railroads. Whatever the case may be, buying Bitcoin is crucial for individuals today – who want a slice of tomorrow.

AmberApp isn’t a cryptocurrency exchange. AmberApp is a place for you to start to accumulate Bitcoin. Bitcoin only.

‘Crypto’ has had a lot of hype around it over the course of 2021; here at AmberApp, we realise that there is something different between Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most important asset of the 21st century. Crypto is not.

Have a read down below, to see one of the fastest ways to buy Bitcoin. You can make your first Bitcoin purchase in your local coffee line. You’ll be done in 90 seconds.

Step 1: Download the AmberApp

Jump on your phone and download the AmberApp from your Apple or Google play store. AmberApp is 100% free to download, so you don’t need to worry about any payment methods just yet.

Depending on your internet connection speed, this step should take you around 15 seconds. Faster the internet speed, quicker the download. Once this is done, you are well on your way to buying Bitcoin in record time. 

Step 2: Create an account

Buying Bitcoin with AmberApp, means you’ll have to open an account. These steps are beginner friendly and only require basic identification information. For example, email address, phone number, name & date of birth. Once this information has been entered you’re halfway to making your first Bitcoin purchase on AmberApp. One of the fastest ways to buy. 

An additional step that we will be skipping in this process is verification of your account. This needs to be completed when you want to withdraw Bitcoin or fiat out of your AmberApp account due to the regulatory standards of your location. Since we’re in a rush to buy Bitcoin, we’ll leave this step for another day!

Step 3: Select how much Bitcoin

Now, comes the tricky part. How much Bitcoin do you want to buy?

AmberApp offers many different ways to buy Bitcoin:

  • Premium automations such as; ‘Mayer Multiple’, ‘BTFD’ or ‘Buy the Schiff’. 
  • Daily Cost Averaging, giving you the chance to stack Bitcoin every day, week or month. 
  • Or just a normal smash-buy, buy Bitcoin right now for the amount you have set.

We see Bitcoin as an accumulation game, the more you have the better off you’ll be. That’s because there’s only 21 million Bitcoin and that number will never change. Unlike the fiat money supply. 

Since Bitcoin is such a volatile asset we don’t recommend trading because of the emotions involved. The majority of our users use the Daily Cost Averaging feature to buy Bitcoin. It removes the emotions when buying Bitcoin because it’s a slow, consistent stacking of sats. When the price goes down, you get more Bitcoin per buy! When the price goes up, your Bitcoin is worth more in fiat terms!

The time spent on this step is up to you! If you play around with the DCAs or other automations it might take a bit longer. If you just smash buy, you’ll be done in under 10 seconds!

Step 4: Select a payment method

AmberApp didn’t want to limit anyone from buying Bitcoin so there’s many different ways one can make a purchase. And some payment methods will be much quicker than others. For example, a bank transfer might be free-fee yet it can take a while when it’s your first purchase. Using a debit or credit card has you fumbling to find the card. And you also have to type in the numbers. We want something that’s fast.

Since, we are looking for speed: Apple or Google Pay will be the quickest ways to buy in this instance. Enter your password or touch ID on your phone and done. Purchase made.

In under 15 seconds your payment method can be selected and a payment can be completed.


As soon as the payment is made, the Bitcoin you have purchased will appear in your account. The fastest way to buy Bitcoin.

And we may have undershot our 90 seconds mark quite significantly. But, there’s no need to rush on the AmberApp. Look around, play with the features and see why AmberApp is used by many. It’s our goal to be the fastest, securest and simplest Bitcoin exchange.

AmberApp wants to help you and others on their Bitcoin journey. And lack of education is a top reason why people don’t accumulate Bitcoin. We want to help clear the stigma and fear around Bitcoin, therefore, Bitcoin education is top priority for us. If there’s any topic on Bitcoin that you are wanting to understand better, then reach out to us or have a look on our blog. Buying Bitcoin fast is cool, but understanding why you buy it – is even better.

AmberApp is simple, fast and secure.

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Disclaimer: AmberApp is not a financial adviser. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how information on our website, in emails we send or in our app, relates to your unique circumstances. AmberApp is not liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise arising from the use of, or reliance on, the information provided directly or indirectly, by use of our website, our emails or our app.

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