Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin

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What is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin?

The AmberApp, of course.

AmberApp, is a Bitcoin exchange that aims to make your Bitcoin experience the best it can be. An experience that is simple, fast and secure.

The AmberApp is free to download on both the Apple App store and the Google Play store. Have a read down below, to see how easy it is to buy your first Bitcoins.

Is Bitcoin Easy to Buy?


Bitcoin has gotten significantly easier to buy over the last 5 years. The internet hosts plenty of places to buy Bitcoin; mainly cryptocurrency exchanges (which AmberApp isn’t!). We stress that you do your own research on the place that you buy Bitcoin. There are places that people have lost money to, because they were scam-front exchanges. Or the exchange got hacked or went bankrupt. People deposited money and never got it back.

Cryptocurrency exchanges and Bitcoin exchanges are two of the most notable places to buy Bitcoin. The difference being that crypto exchanges will always have different ‘crypto’ available. On the other hand, Bitcoin exchanges solely hold BTC and no other cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin exchanges, like AmberApp, believe that Bitcoin is the most important asset out of all the crypto (and in the world). Many Bitcoiners don’t even like to call Bitcoin a cryptocurrency anymore. Bitcoin is something different. Something that can’t be replicated.

Stacking sats, we believe, is all that people should focus on. Bitcoin exchanges are tailor-made to helping customers buy Bitcoin, therefore, can often be argued that they are easier to buy Bitcoin on.

More simple, more direct. No crypto, no distractions.

In the early days of Bitcoin it was very difficult to buy Bitcoin. Prior to 2010, you either had to mine Bitcoin or create your own peer-to-peer trade. Very quickly Bitcoin exchanges started to appear, although, full of risk. Scams and hacks were common in the early days of Bitcoin exchanges. It wasn’t as easy to buy Bitcoin back in 2010 compared to today.

People were rewarded handsomely if they practised self-storage, took their Bitcoin off exchanges and didn’t sell. Since, the price of Bitcoin has risen from under $1 to $20,000 (at time of writing). Mt. Gox was possibly the most notable early Bitcoin exchange and those who left their Bitcoin on the Mt. Gox platform would pay the price. Thousands of Bitcoin were stolen in 2014, when the (then) cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. This wasn’t the first time Mt. Gox had been hacked. In 2011, personal user details were pulled off the platform by a hacker.

Bitcoiners these days preach ‘not your keys, not your coins’, to protect the newcomers into this space. Here at AmberApp, we believe no differently. We suggest that all our customers practice healthy self-storage. Read our guide here.

If you do decide to keep your Bitcoin with us, we use institutional grade multi-sig collaborative custody for our user’s funds. Unlike the banks and some crypto exchanges, your wallet funds are held in reserve and not loaned out or rehypothecated. 

It is much easier to buy Bitcoin today, than it was in the past.

Why Buy Bitcoin on AmberApp

Here at AmberApp, we pride ourselves in being the easiest way to buy Bitcoin. Our app was designed for beginners but still has advanced features that even the most knowledgeable Bitcoiners love. All you need to start buying Bitcoin off AmberApp is:

  • A smartphone (with internet connection) 
  • A payment method (credit card, debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Bank account) 
  • Basic contact information 
  • Basic identification information

With those four things, AmberApp becomes the easiest way to buy Bitcoin. AmberApp was the world’s first Bitcoin-only accumulation app so we have continuously critiqued this process. We want to ensure that all our customers are accumulating Bitcoin and synonymously learning more about Bitcoin. Learn more on our BTC blog.

Buying Bitcoin on AmberApp is simple. There’s only four steps that go into buying Bitcoin for the first time:

1. Download the AmberApp

AmberApp is 100% free to download. Search for ‘AmberApp’ on your Apple App store or on the Google Play store. Start the download, and start your journey to buying Bitcoin.

2. Set up an account

Only basic identity information is required. Name, date of birth, phone number etc. Later down the track, you will need to verify your information due to regulatory standards. For your first Bitcoin buy, verification won’t be necessary.

3. Select how much Bitcoin

There’s several different ways to buy Bitcoin on AmberApp. From premium automations such as the ‘Mayer Multiple’ or ‘Buy the Dip’ to simple DCAing or smash buys. The easiest way to buy Bitcoin on AmberApp, is through a DCA. Set and forget. This will ensure you are continuously buying Bitcoin no matter the price. It will also save you from having to even go on your phone to buy Bitcoin, because it is all automated.

4. Select a payment method

In terms of payment method, the easiest way to buy is using Apple or Google Pay. You don’t have to look for your credit or debit card, or even type in the numbers. Apple Pay is already on your phone and can be completed with one tap of a button. Bank transfers (EFT) are another payment method on AmberApp, but take longer to complete. So, if you want the easiest way to buy Bitcoin then use Apple or Google Pay.

After entering the payment method, you are done. The Bitcoin will instantly show up in your AmberApp account. There’s no need to wait or do anything else. Four steps to buy Bitcoin. The easiest way to buy Bitcoin.

Why Buy Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin is a journey. A journey that usually begins by curiosity. Many people, when they first buy Bitcoin, don’t really understand what they are buying. They could be buying because of the ‘hype’ that surrounds Bitcoin. Or maybe, a friend said they should buy some. Whatever it may be, it usually starts the tumble down the rabbit hole.

When you start to explore the Bitcoin rabbit hole, you find out the reasons on why you buy Bitcoin. Often, people buy Bitcoin because of its digital scarcity. Money has to be scarce (unlike fiat money today) and Bitcoin is perfectly scarce. Only 21 million Bitcoin will ever be mined and no one can make anymore. People buy Bitcoin to get a slice of this finite asset. Typically, the same group will realise that Bitcoin has a role to play in the future. It has gotten increasingly valuable since it was first mined, and it will only continue to get more popular as time goes on. Considering there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin, the demand will continue to increase, yet the supply will diminish.

Some people see Bitcoin as the new money. Humans have nearly always exchanged ‘money’ between each other. Whether it be seashells, large stones, gold or fiat money. Some form of money was used.

Bitcoin is the next step in the money evolution. Gold was historically used for thousands of years, up until 1971. When the world broke off from the gold standard, and new realm of money – fiat currency – began. The new fiat currency (what we use today) transformed the ability of governments to manipulate the money supply. Often to the public’s detriment. Bitcoiners see Bitcoin as a separation of money and state.

These are only a few ideas of why people buy Bitcoin. The rabbit hole is immensely deep. Learning about Bitcoin through books, podcasts and articles is the best way to find out why you buy Bitcoin. Price becomes almost obsolete when your why is strong enough. You realise how important Bitcoin is and that it’s an accumulation game.


Bitcoin wasn’t easy to buy when it first came to life. But it is today. Don’t get lost on cryptocurrency exchanges. All the crypto being sold on their platforms can get confusing. Bitcoin exchanges keep it simple and direct – Bitcoin only.

AmberApp offers a simple, fast and secure way to buy Bitcoin. There’s only 4 steps that go into buying your first Bitcoins.

AmberApp is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin.

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