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There’s many different ways to buy Bitcoin in 2022. Various different payment methods and fees, on a number of different trading platforms.

The best place to buy Bitcoin is AmberApp. AmberApp is one of the cheapest ways to buy Bitcoin. And the best place to buy if you are serious about Bitcoin accumulation.

Bitcoin exchanges are usually cheaper than cryptocurrency exchanges, in the first place. Additionally, AmberApp offers more than your typical Bitcoin exchange.

It’s more simple. More secure. And faster. With all the automations, you need to make buying Bitcoin, the easiest part of your day. Set and forget.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges do a great job of making things simple for the user. And enticing their customers to dabble in multiple different cryptocurrencies. With this marketing strategy, it’s hard not to get caught up in hype around “crypto”. If you see through “crypto” and realise Bitcoin is the number one. You’ll know there’s no second best.

And if that’s your line of thinking, AmberApp will be your cheapest way to buy Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

There’s too many different crypto exchanges to list each one on here. Some have different strengths to others. Some are better for crypto trading, while others allow you to buy a greater number of digital assets. You choose the one that suits you best.

It is difficult to find out which is truly the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange, because most of them argue that they are the cheapest way to buy bitcoin online.

Cryptocurrency exchanges offer an absurd number of digital currencies, which may confuse users on what to buy. There is so much “crypto” out there that everyone is searching for the “best crypto”. Not looking at how to buy Bitcoin. Saying Bitcoin is old. Bitcoin is dead. But is it?

Crypto exchanges rely on customers who buy and sell cryptocurrencies at a high rate. Taking a small fee each time a user buys or sells their “crypto”. Therefore, if you are trading, you can rack up some fees every time you exchange your fiat currency for cryptocurrency. Or vice versa.

Some crypto exchanges will allow you to buy Bitcoin with PayPal or maybe buy Bitcoin with a credit card. And you will need to find one that suits your payment method. Debit cards and bank transfers are some other popular ways to buy Bitcoin. Some payment methods will have fees, and others won’t. Ensure that whatever cryptocurrency exchange you are using has two-factor authentication, and always use it. The safety of your funds is vital. You don’t want anyone getting access to your account on your crypto exchange.

Don’t risk using an exchange platform, that might show off that you can ‘buy Bitcoin without fees’ if it has no history behind it. Bank transfers to scam exchanges may result in you never getting your fiat currency back. Furthermore, always research the crypto you are buying. While, here at AmberApp, we believe that the ‘best crypto’ is Bitcoin (Bitcoin’s not even a crypto!), if you feel differently, just be aware of the cryptocurrency you are investing in. There’s a history of altcoin scams.

If you are keen on crypto trading, then typically you will use a different platform to Coinbase – for example. An exchange like FTX offers a wide range of trading tools to make your experience one of the best. They will also allow you to make calls and puts, leverage trade and buy or sell a high number of cryptocurrencies. Also, see some other important metrics, such as trading volume. Any trading platform will have their own specific fees associated. Some may have higher fees if you decide to deposit fiat currency via credit card instead of a bank transfer. It depends on how you chose to buy and sell Bitcoin with.

If you want to buy Bitcoin. Buy cheaper and on an exchange platform, that shares similar values to you.

  • An exchange that realises that fiat currencies have something inherently wrong with them. And that Bitcoin is the solution.
  • An exchange that wants you to hold your own private keys. When you believe the time is right.
  • An exchange without fees.
  • An exchange that allows you to buy Bitcoin using automations.

Use an exchange named AmberApp.

AmberApp Logo Dark Bitcoin Stack

If you are serious about Bitcoin. Then AmberApp is the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin, from an accumulation standpoint. Remember, that Bitcoin is an accumulation game, the more you have, the better off you are. No point trading if you end up with less Bitcoin than you started with.

So, the ability to buy Bitcoin online, through AmberApp, can truly change how you buy Bitcoin. There’s a plethora of ways to buy Bitcoin on AmberApp – all with the goal of Bitcoin accumulation and savings. You realise that investing in Bitcoin is something vital for your financial future.

AmberApp, allows you to DCA, ‘Buy the Mayer Multiple’ and ‘Stack like Saylor’ among other automations. AmberApp is not an exchange for you to trade Bitcoin. Here at AmberApp, we know that Bitcoin is a highly volatile asset. And typically, buying Bitcoin in a simple way – like a Daily Dollar Cost Average, is the best way.

As for payment methods, there’s little you can’t use on AmberApp. You can pay with a credit card or debit card, Apple or Google Pay, bank transfer, as well as others. The fees slightly change on each payment method, but if you want the cheapest way to buy bitcoin, then a Bank transfer (EFT) is the best. It has 0% fees. The rest have very low fees that are still extremely competitive for a Bitcoin exchange.

Furthermore, AmberApp has very low transaction fees. Meaning, when you want to take your Bitcoin out of your AmberApp account (which we suggest you do), you will not be paying ridiculous transaction fees.

On AmberApp, you can open an account in less than 60 seconds and start buying Bitcoin, in under 90 seconds. And you don’t need a credit or debit card to get started. Just a phone number, email address and some general ID information.

Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

Now, we couldn’t leave out the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin in 2022. The way Satoshi had designed Bitcoin. Buying Bitcoin from a peer, which is the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin, given this peer gives you zero fees.

When you buy and sell Bitcoin, not on an exchange, you feel like you are part of what Satoshi created. You are using a digital currency that can go to all the countries around the world, since it sees no borders.

It can become your own bank account. Your place to store your wealth.

With no fear that a government will change the money supply to make your hard-work worth less. US dollars are being inflated at an extreme rate, but nothing compared to other countries such as Turkey or Argentina.


There are many ways to buy Bitcoin in 2022. The single cheapest way to buy Bitcoin, well that’s up for discussion. But, there aren’t many places to buy Bitcoin that offer what AmberApp offers. Something unique for those who know how important Bitcoin is.

A cryptocurrency exchange is perfect if you are looking to gamble in a couple of coins. And obviously, there are cheap places to do that like Coinbase, which will help you build up your crypto wallet. Buying and selling crypto is simple on a trading platform like Coinbase, but may not be the cheapest.

The cheapest way to buy Bitcoin is from a friend. Or a colleague. You have to trust that both parties will deposit funds, but it makes it so simple to purchase Bitcoin. All you are paying are the on-chain fees to the miners.

Bitcoin purchases are the future.

Start buying Bitcoin

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