Millennials: The Fight for Financial Freedom

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published 2 years ago


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Image source: Bitcoin Bank, 2022 by Yaniv Edery

The world has changed a lot since boomers were in their 20s and 30s, building careers, buying houses and listening to bangers. For us millennials now in this stage, our childhood was marked by a blistering pace of technological development with the widespread adoption of the Internet, the birth of social media, and events that changed how the modern world operates. If you look at technological development in a vacuum, you might think that the convenience of getting anything delivered with a few taps on your phone screen or quickly finding an answer on Google sets the scene for a life of ease amongst Millennials. In reality, that’s not the case.

Unfairly Criticised, or? 🚩

Millennials are often unfairly criticised for being a selfish generation that doesn’t work hard because we would rather find purpose and meaning in work than continue to build the archaic empires that line the pockets of generations past. Why should we, or any generation after us, continue building a system that gets more unfair with each passing day — a system that supports centralised control, cheap money, debt-fuelled everything, six-figure college degrees, and overreaching governments? They shouldn’t, and many aren’t.

Bitcoin is a bastion of hope for millennials, as gold was an inflation hedge to investors in the past, or present investors holding onto the past (hey, Peter Schiff!). While gold may have been a sound inflation hedge for a time, Bitcoin carries with it a perfect ecosystem of economic fairness and the philosophical meaning that so many millennials crave. For millennials, Bitcoin is insurance against the inefficient and debt-laden economic and financial systems we were born into a few decades ago.

“You Will Own Nothing, and You Will Be Happy” 🙃

One of the key things that people work toward in their lives is owning their own home. For some, it provides stability for a growing family. For others, it’s a place to tinker, grow food, or make the changes to a property that you simply can’t make when you’re renting. And for many, regardless of their life stage, a home represents their most significant asset funded with years of hard work and saving. 

Property has been an asset – barring a personal financial catastrophe – that no one can take away for you. And while entropy is a downside of owning a home, private property ownership carries with it a sense of pride and accomplishment in having a low time preference — sacrificing and saving now for a more prosperous and stable future. However, for a generation where homeownership is becoming increasingly out of reach, Bitcoin gives people the ability to chip away at accumulating secure private property over time. Thanks to Bitcoin, now there’s no need to keep funneling fiat into a savings account earning 0.4%, which is effectively a negative interest rate, in order to possibly, maybe buy a home you don’t like, in an area you don’t love, all while enabling and participating in a system and way of life that serves the few to the obvious detriment of the many.

Before anyone gets things twisted, we’re not talking here about a socialist agenda fixing the current inequality in economic structures (spoiler alert: history shows this doesn’t work). We are talking about the ability to store value over time in an asset that could:

  • provide security to collateralise debt 
  • transact instantly across borders
  • protect against inflation and government overreach.

Whatever your reason is for buying Bitcoin, at a higher level, it gives the proverbial middle finger to the systems and generations that are quick to judge and criticise millennials. Further, as a liquid asset, it provides options and flexibility. You can’t break a few bricks off a home to kickstart production in a new business or buy yourself some time to pursue purpose and meaning.

Bitcoin is F#&k You Money🖕

To understand why Bitcoin is for millennials, you need to understand what money is and how it has been corrupted. Money is a medium of exchange. To receive money, one must provide something of value. Fiat currency, the main way people exchange value today, has been in decline largely since the Nixon Shock in 1971. Since its decoupling from gold, fiat currency hasn’t been backed by a physical commodity, with the assumption being that the issuing government’s stability “backs” it. This might work in a world where said governments don’t claw back purchasing power through taxes and inflation. However, that’s not the world we live in today.

With a 7 per cent inflation rate, your purchasing power reduces by half in ten years. Inflation in the US currently stands at 8.3% — a 40-year high. To top it off, central bankers like Jerome Powell, those who’ve printed the USD into oblivion since the Global Financial Crisis, causing the current rate of inflation, are now raising rates to “bring it [inflation] back down”. Good luck buying groceries, let alone your first property with these conditions in place.

At a stage of life that’s supposed to be filled with hope and optimism for the future, it’s difficult to see how the (allegedly) most powerful country in the free world is creating anything other than a dystopian homogenous society free of sovereignty or equality. If you’re one of the 25 percent of millennials who has $100,000 or more in savings, including retirement funds, you may have the liquidity to ride out the bumpiness ahead. However, if this money is sitting idle in a savings account or used for a home deposit, it isn’t going to put your money to work in creating a life of financial freedom and independence. This, amongst other things, is what Bitcoin is about.

Of course, some Millenials will still prioritise property where they can — each to their own. But if you were to purchase a property, it’s worth thinking about your long-term lifestyle goals and the role cash flow plays in making these a reality. For example, the rising property taxes that fill the pockets of increasingly indebted local and state governments and the maintenance spending required on a home won’t provide the cash flow and flexibility needed to live a life of freedom.

Bitcoin Provides 🧡

For Millennials with a low time preference, putting a portion of our monthly savings and investing money into Bitcoin provides: 

  • a store of value
  • insurance against a corrupt economic and financial system
  • ownership of a private asset that can’t be stolen, corrupted or devalued by incompetent political leaders and unelected bureaucrats. 

Turn your Benjamins into Bitcoin 💵

The Boomers had the 60s and 70s hippie movement to demonstrate their distrust of the system, and Generation X had the grunge era and angst of Rage Against the Machine. Now it’s our turn to voice our rage intelligently while protecting and building wealth in the process. Eyeliner and wallet chains not required.

For us Millennials prioritising purpose and freedom, Bitcoin is a critical puzzle piece in building a life of integrity while slowly dismantling the outdated and defunct systems that got us here today. Whether you start with dollar-cost averaging on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, the key to accumulating Bitcoin is to start today. Allocating a portion of your savings and investing money into Bitcoin could be the difference between setting you up for the life of wealth that those who criticize us are currently enjoying or living in a pod and paying for government-approved foods with a USD central bank digital currency (CBDC).

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