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published 2 years ago


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Having to wait a whole business day for us to process your send request, before it’s moved to the on-chain network for final confirmation is almost as frustrating as having to listen to ill-informed FUD from no-coiners telling you why they know Bitcoin will be banned. And, while this process made sending your Bitcoin (or sats?) over to your hot/cold wallet, or to family and friends painfully slow, at the end of the day (which, is how long it took sometimes) it was all about the security of your precious sats. We’re all about making Bitcoin seriously simple to use for everyone.

At AmberApp, we’re always looking for ways to make the experience seriously simple for you, on our Bitcoin Only app. Case in point, we’ve improved how you can move, send, and even spend your stack of precious sats.

Below is a brief look at what you can expect…

Goodbye to waiting

Verified AmberApp users will no longer need to wait for their Bitcoin send requests to be processed by our team. We’ve increased the flexibility and optionality around how your Bitcoin is sent to and from your wallet, and when. Now you’re in complete control. Simply toggle the switch, between fast and slow, normal or minimum, to control the total cost and speed of your send request from the AmberApp to your own hot/cold wallet. Nice.

Plus, you’ll receive a unique link to view your transaction on a Bitcoin block explorer, so that you can watch transaction confirmations roll in in real time. Now you can see exactly when and where your AmberApp send request is within the mempool. This makes it easier to know exactly when your send request is confirmed and complete. Very nice.

Secure Delay brings confidence

One last thing… To continue to keep your stack as safe and secure as possible, the AmberApp tribe have introduced a new 24-Hour Secure Delay feature, which gives you up to 24 hours to cancel any Bitcoin send request transaction before it gets broadcast to the Bitcoin network. Very, very nice.

We hope this new send feature makes Bitcoin even more simple for serious Bitcoiners like you to use. Oh, and stay tuned. Lightning incoming… ⚡

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