Bitcoin Deposits

Depositing bitcoin into AmberApp

Please note: Your AmberApp account must be approved for Bitcoin deposits before they can be credited to your account. If your account has not been approved, the Bitcoin will not be credited.

AmberApp’s Bitcoin depositing process has recently changed for increase security. Contact support to be supplied with your unique BTC deposit address.

Next steps

Once you have sent the Bitcoin, please supply your transaction ID to support. You can do this by replying to your current conversation, or emailing it to [email protected]. The Bitcoin deposit will be credited to your account once the transaction has been confirmed.

Lightning Deposits

Lightning deposits are available in-app. To deposit BTC via lightning:

  • Tap the orange ‘BTC Wallet’ card on the dashboard
  • Tap the ‘Receive’ button
  • Use the lightning address provided to send BTC from your lightning wallet

Warning: You are sending Bitcoin at your own risk. AmberApp will not be liable for incorrectly inputting addresses, or for unconfirmed transactions stuck in the mempool.