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An auto-stack feature that makes Dollar Cost Averaging into Bitcoin hilariously simple.

Buy the Signal

For someone who hates Bitcoin so much, old rusted-on gold bug Peter Schiff sure does love to tweet about it… a lot!

  • Whenever our golden boy Schiff uses the hashtag #Bitcoin Amber Black will automatically stack sats for you.
  • Deposit funds into your Amber Black wallet, set the amount of sats you want to stack, and rage against the gold machine.
  • ‘Buy the Schiff’ is exclusive to Amber Black.

F**k Gold.
Stack Sats.

Amber Black is for serious Bitcoiners who want to add to their stack by buying Bitcoin on the regular, automatically, on the daily, weekly, or monthly, whenever market conditions match their sentiment.

Once you’ve signed up to Amber Black you can automate your sat stacking using the ‘Buy the Schiff’ feature.

Simple Pricing, Huge Gains

Amber makes saving in Bitcoin accessible to everyone. Amber Black makes it better.


$ 18


save 22% Limited Offer
$ 14

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Take your Bitcoin accumulation to the next level with strategic automations, nil fees and the best spreads.

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