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News & Updates · 1 min read
Having to wait a whole business day for us to process your send request, before it’s moved to the on-chain network for final confirmation is almost as frustrating as having to listen to ill-informed FUD from no-coiners telling you why they know Bitcoin will be banned.
News & Updates · 2 min read
Enter x3 new DCA sat stacking features, fresh for Amber Black users: Fear & Greed, Mayer Multiple, and our new favorite, Stack Like a Saylor.
News & Updates · 7 min read
₿itcoin is volatile, so they say. Or is it? Sceptics, no-coiners, even pre-coiners alike love to unimaginatively point this out time and time again, especially during downtrends. So, is Bitcoin really too volatile?
News & Updates · 1 min read
Amber’s mission is to make Bitcoin simple for serious Bitcoiners. And the most simple way to stack sats and save in Bitcoin is with our awesome suite of sweet auto-sat stacking strategies; DCA:
News & Updates · 7 min read
In this article, we outline why Bitcoin is better for small businesses, how businesses can begin adding Bitcoin to their portfolio, and how people can apply the financial principles of large companies to their finances.
News & Updates · 6 min read
Even if you have an investment portfolio that includes stocks, property, precious metals, and other investments, you still need a savings instrument and a hedge against the corruption of fiat currency. So, is Bitcoin superior to Fiat?

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently used Bitcoin terms you need to know about. With this handy glossary on hand, these words will soon feel like second nature and you’ll be understanding & using Bitcoin like a pro.

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