Culture · 6 min read
Millennials are often unfairly criticised for being a selfish generation that doesn’t work hard because we would rather find purpose and meaning in work than continue to build the archaic empires that line the pockets of generations past. Why should we, or any generation after us, continue building a system that gets more unfair with each passing day — a system that supports centralised control, cheap money, debt-fuelled everything, six-figure college degrees, and overreaching governments?
Culture · 7 min read
Are you unhappy with how the world is run. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the vast majority of people everywhere are being exploited. What can you do about it?
Culture · 9 min read
Here are the best Bitcoin Conference talks, that you should set some time aside for. Find one you like, find one you wouldn’t normally listen to and pick a random one, and you’ll be all set.
Culture · 2 min read
… and just like that, Bitcoin 2022 has come and gone, but not without leaving behind a whole fresh set of memes and ideas, concepts and content, new insight… Bitcoin 2022 in Miami was awash with an abundance of positive energy and bright intelligence that will only make Bitcoin stronger in the long run.

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently used Bitcoin terms you need to know about. With this handy glossary on hand, these words will soon feel like second nature and you’ll be understanding & using Bitcoin like a pro.

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