Why Save in Bitcoin?

Savings offsets debt and is a mitigation against uncertainty. Savings enables one to face the future with increasing confidence. Savings adds value to society and gives individuals more control over the way they live their life and choose to spend their time. The ability to save frees up an individual’s time and allows them to pursue the things that truly interest them and makes them happy.

The ability to save and preserve the product of our labour is essential to human flourishing and civilisation.

Savings makes possible the potential for individuals to generate and investigate a myriad of new ideas, and seek out potentially valuable discoveries that were hitherto impossible to dream up before, due to a fundamental lack of time, energy, and, indeed, money. Thus, savings supports a more enthusiastic mode of being for individuals and a more fulfilled and realised society overall. 

Bitcoin is sound money and sound money empowers all manner of remarkable and possible futures for humanity.