Buying Bitcoin, Simplified.

Amber empowers you to buy Bitcoin when you want, how you want, from wherever you want.

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Buying Bitcoin the easy & secure way

Make your first Bitcoin purchase in under 90 seconds, from as little as $5, all from the palm of your hand. No other product comes close.

Your key performance metrics and transaction history are only ever a click or swipe away.

Want to self-custody by sending Bitcoin to a wallet you own? No problem. Take control of your Bitcoin, anytime.

Your account, identity and Bitcoin are all secured using the latest in collaborative custody, authentication and encryption standards.

“Amber is a set and forget process. The interface is simple and it is a terrific way to consistently engage with bitcoin in a low friction way”

Daniel Pickering

Daniel Pickering

Chief Investment Officer & Director, Listed Reserve

Automate with a
Black membership

DCA everyday with Intelligent Automations. Set a percentage move, time frame, and an amount to buy (or sell, lol), and Amber Black will take care of the rest.

Don’t lose precious sats with 0% exchange fees, whether buying or selling (up to $200k).

Amber Black is a tight-knit family and so are our spreads. The tighter the spread the more sats you stack. Simple.

Take custody of your stack via Automated Withdrawals that makes hodling even easier.

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One product, two simple ways to buy Bitcoin

Amber makes saving in Bitcoin accessible to everyone. Amber Black membership makes it even better with automations.

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Amber is the easiest way to get started. Dollar Cost Average (DCA), Buy, Sell and withdraw Bitcoin right from the palm of your hand.

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Amber Black helps you supercharge your Bitcoin accumulation. Become a member and enjoy a suite of features and benefits.

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Don't just take
our word for it


July 18, 2022
Amber is without a doubt the easiest exchange I’ve bought Bitcoin from and the coolest app. If your new or old to stacking I’d 100% recommend it.


June 21, 2022
I only stack sats with amber app. amber is simple, bitcoin only, has great features and a rockin’ community.


June 20, 2022
If you you’re not using to save money, you should be. It’s making saving money super easy. Super simple platform and lay out. Minimal fees, very responsive customer service. Get on to it…


June 19, 2022
One of the great bitcoin-only exchanges here in Oz is back for all Aussies with some cool new features, a special offer, and perfectly .. sats are on sale!


June 16, 2022
Buying #Bitcoin should be easy. That’s why I #StackWithAmber. The best part of using the @theamberapp to stack sats in Australia? You can do it from anywhere… ANYWHERE.


October 22, 2020
I’ve used loads of Bitcoin apps for a number of years. These guys started out relatively rough with their MVP, but it’s come such a long way now. One of the best products in the market now.

@Dan the Man

October 22, 2020
This is an easy to use and intuitive app. It provides a convenient way to stack sats.


October 22, 2020
I accidentally double bought some bitcoin on the app and the team was able to cancel the extra one for me – appreciate it 🙂 app interface is slick and dope, easy to use.


October 22, 2020
Having followed this app for a long time and seen it develop has been testament to the team involved and they are always more than helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

To create an account Amber requires your:

  • Full legal name,
  • Date of birth,
  • Email address,
  • Cell phone number,
  • Government ID,
  • US Bank Account,
  • Social Security Number.

We are required by United States federal law to collect these details. Your SSN and ID are encrypted and securely transmitted for KYC verification and never stored on our servers.

At the moment Amber is available in Australia and USA. 

The following states are not supported currently:

  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • New York
  • New Hampshire
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Virginia

Don’t hesitate to let us know on Twitter or Facebook what other countries you would like to see Amber be made available in.

Exchange Fees:

  • Exchange fees are linked to your membership tier.
  • Amber Basic members: 0.99% of Bitcoin purchases or sales.
  • Amber Black members: 0% of Bitcoin purchases or sales.

Withdrawal Fees:

  • USD Withdrawals are free.
  • Bitcoin withdrawals incur a flat 0.0003BTC (30,000 sats) transaction fee.

Amber uses cold storage in a collaborative multi-signature set up for our custodial wallets. This provides institutional grade security for your Bitcoin.

Some payment methods used by Amber have long dispute windows. To ensure the platform is protected from fraud we have a system that restricts Bitcoin withdrawals for different periods depending on the funding method.

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Buy Bitcoin with Amber

Make instant Bitcoin purchases or recurring investments from as little as $5/mth.

Available on iOS and Android