Got Something to Say About Bitcoin? Write It Down.

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published 1 year ago


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Image: Satoshi White Paper Series # 40, 2022 by Carole Ann Danner

Been thinking about ₿itcoin lately? We know the feeling. We think about Bitcoin a lot… obviously. It’s a lifestyle choice and we choose to live the Bitcoin life.

One of the best ways – we’ve found – to think about Bitcoin is by getting down our thoughts about it, by writing. Writing is a sure fire way to learn more and gain a deeper understanding of the subject at hand. And Bitcoin demands a deep understanding.

If you’ve ever thought about Bitcoin for more than a minute, had an idea and wanted to write it down; something, anything, about the complex concept that is Bitcoin, now is your chance. The Amber Content Team is looking for writers and content creators whose words will educate and enlighten readers about the bright orange future that is Bitcoin, and the myriad different disciplines, matters, affairs, properties, and things that this magnificent network touches. 

Think About It:

  • Benefits and Positives (‘culture, nature, time, space, politics, ethics, morals, science, religion, myth, sport, medicine, education, war, city planning, localism, farming’).
  • Fight the FUD (‘wastes energy, government bans, ponzi scheme, scaling, quantum computing’).
  • Human Action (‘economics, what is money?, tech and on chain analysis, network effects, denominations, business cycles, incentives’).
  • Technology (‘mining, protocols, mempools, hash-rate, multi-sig, nodes, Lightning, wallets, UTXO’s, difficulty adjustment’).

Write It Down

Bitcoin has so many angles, so many subjects, so many laneways, byways and highways to explore, we couldn’t possibly explore them all in one lifetime. Which is why we want you to think about Bitcoin and how it compels you forward. Then, write for us, create content with us, and live the Bitcoin life with us. For the Bitcoin adventure knows no bounds.

If you’ve got something to say about Bitcoin, write it down, let us know, and show us! Email [email protected] with a clear and concise subject line regarding the type of content you are submitting, so we don’t miss it.

Oh, and if anyone has Peter Schiff’s best email address, let us know… We’re keen to read all about his thoughts regarding Bitcoin vs. Gold. 🤣

Amber Editorial Policy


Editorial welcomes content ideas, stories and story pitches entirely on their conceptual, written, and demonstrated merits, timeliness of delivery, and timelessness (evergreen > news) of subject/topic, which is of specific relevance to Amber’s users, and the Bitcoin space more generally.


Yes. Dependent on experience, Amber pays its writers and creators for their own original content that is published on the Amber blog and other media channels.


Email [email protected] with a clear and concise subject line regarding the type of content you are submitting, so we don’t miss it.

Write on.

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