Why We’re Bullish For Bitcoin 2022

2 min read by Ryan
published 1 year ago


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Dubbed the biggest ₿itcoin event in the world, there is one reason and one reason only why we’re excited for the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami:

Reformation 2.0

Way back in the 16th Century, a motley crew of renegades, rioters, and revolutionaries loosely banded together to challenge the present-day political authority of the Catholic Church, in particular the papal authority which had become bloated and corrupt via sacrilegious indulgences inciting sanctimonious hubris amongst the arrogant ranks of rent-seeking pastors, pious priests, and emboldened bishops, all the way up to the Pope himself. The Catholic Church had become a monopolistic provider of spiritual services, and held great sway within the financial and legal systems too. Sound familiar?

That all changed with the invention of the printing press, which lowered the cost of production  for books and other reading material, and thus provided the ability for everyone – not just a narrow elite of bishops and priests – to gain access to all manner of religious materials in a vernacular they could, at last, comprehend. Sound familiar?

“Once in a while, the puzzle of circumstance fits together in a peculiar way, creating fertile ground for many ideas to be adopted at once, and allowing for a spectacle of chain reactions that profoundly reshapes society”

Tuur Demester, The Bitcoin Reformation (2019).

If Bitcoin 2021 was the revolution, Bitcoin 2022 is the reformation.


April 6th to 9th, Miami, Florida, will become the fertile ground for many brilliant ideas to be adopted all at once. A spectacular four-day spectacle of low time preference, long-term-chain reactions that will, and, in some cases, already are reshaping society – deeply, profoundly, and sincerely, for the better.

When not browsing the Bitcoin Bazaar (a peer-to-peer marketplace) featuring over 40 merchants, artisans, artists, inventors, and small business owners, or being born again in the Bitcoin Renaissance art gallery, you can catch up with the Amber crew at Booth 1134 in the Exhibitor Hall (as far away from the NFT Hallway as we could get), in between hanging out all day at the FOSS stage and attending your favourite speaker event…

We’re pretty keen to hear all about the Impervious announcement, tbh.

In the Amber booth, we’ll be hanging out with all our closest mates – including our golden boy Peter Schiff, and we hope to make a few new ones too (👀)… Be sure to come say hi!

And don’t sweat it, if you can’t escape to the based humidity of Magic City. 

You don’t need to be in Miami to be a part of the Bitcoin 2022 reformation, because the Amber content crew have got you covered from every angle – online – with photos, videos, updates, and daily wrap ups from our Amber Rebels on the ground. 

We’ll be posting updates and hosting Spaces on Twitter, uploading stories to Instagram, and pushing out highlights from the day to help ease that FOMO some of us will no-doubt be feeling. Click here to sign up to our daily wrap.

Bitcoin 2022 Conference – April 6th-9th – Miami Beach Convention Center. LFG! 🔥

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