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published 1 year ago


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Image: Bitcoin Futures – Vintage One Dollar, 2019 by Penny

Hal Finney was the first person ever to Tweet about Bitcoin, back on 11th January 2009.

Since then, Bitcoin Twitter has grown into an incredibly insightful albeit niche corner of the internet where a hydra of hyper-intelligent, parochial, plebeian cyber hornets swarm like white blood cells to argue and discuss, hash out, shit-post and promote battle-hardened ideas around Bitcoin, sound money, sovereignty, liberty and freedom. 

It’s certainly not a place for the faint of heart. Yet, if you use Twitter smartly and follow the right people – by following those who you believe provide you with value and insight, while being mindful not to get caught up in the confirmation biases of your own echo chamber – you’re likely to learn more about Bitcoin from the plebian cyber-hornets than almost anywhere else on the internet (this outstanding Amber blog notwithstanding). 

Whether you’re a relatively new or seasoned Bitcoiner, if you’ve only just downloaded the Amber app and are yet to stack your first sats, or if you’ve been loving ‘Buying the Schiff,’ every time the old gold bug hates on “hash-tag Bitcoin”, Bitcoin Twitter is one of the most dynamic, daunting, entertaining, and often educational places anywhere online to engage with the emergent beauty that is Bitcoin.

To make your Bitcoin Twitter discovery a little easier to initiate, here – in no particular order – are ten Bitcoin Twitter profiles, who, we think, are worth a follow for their incisive insight, information and intelligence, and which should help you better navigate this dynamic place in cyberspace…

The Innovators

  • Adam Back (@adam3us) – Inventor of Hashcash, a method to prevent spam emails, which was used with minor changes as the proof-of-work method in Bitcoin, Adam Back’s work is cited in the Bitcoin whitepaper as well as in the Tor Browser whitepaper. Back is an OG cypherpunk, and the co-founder and CEO of Blockstream. Follow him for engineering and developer news and retweets from a raft of based Bitcoiners working hard to build out our bright orange future.
  • Alex Gladstein (@gladstein) – Alex Gladstein is the Human Rights Foundation Chief Strategy Officer and essayist, who has written many eye-opening articles about the benefits and use cases of Bitcoin, especially in the developing world and those places where privacy is a matter of life and death. One of the most articulate Bitcoiners in the space. Follow Alex on Twitter for insight into how Bitcoin is fixing ‘this’, right here, right now, all across the world.
  • Elizabeth Stark (@starkness) – CEO and co-founder of Lightning Labs, and graduate of Harvard University, Stark has been instrumental in the development of Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions, which enable Bitcoin to scale from a Store of Value to a Medium of Exchange with lightning fast transaction payment functionality. Lightning has helped individuals, businesses, and even countries adopt Bitcoin as a payment solution. Follow Stark to stay current on the latest developments with the Layer 2 Lightning network and more.

The Advocates

  • Tip (@tip_nz) – Tip takes the complexities of Bitcoin and distills them down into ingenious one-minute takes – from energy to privacy and all stops in between – so that you can deepen your understanding of this exquisite technology without having to spend too much time or pay attention for too long. Tip’s videos are the perfect primer for noobs and pre-coiners, anywhere on the web. Follow Tip for precise perceptiveness on the intricacies of Bitcoin in all its forms.
  • ODELL (@ODELL) – Matt (CAPS) Odell is a Bitcoin privacy and freedom advocate, host of Citadel Dispatch (a podcast dedicated to actionable Bitcoin discussions), and co-host of TFTC’s Rabbit Hole Recap with Marty Bent, which is a wrap up of the week that was in Bitcoin. Follow Odell for sound adversarial thinking, quick takes on Bitcoin privacy problems and solutions, solid whisky recommendations, and the occasional bullish tweet in ALL CAPS, especially when Bitcoin hits open water.
  • Bitcoin Archive (BTC_Archive) – For quick takes and market insight all about Bitcoin, follow Bitcoin Archive. Their tweets often help to break important news stories, disseminate sweet memes made by plebs and submitted to Bitcoin Twitter, charts that promote bullishness and hopium to their some 800k followers, and the occasional moody shot of their surrounds while on a morning dog walk. Dogs are awesome, so is Bitcoin, thus, follow Bitcoin Archive.

The Honorary Guides

  • Aleks Svetski (@GhostofSvetski) – Founder of Amber and the Bitcoin Times periodical (Edition 4 out now), and host of the Wake Up podcast. Svetski is a quick thinker from first principles and staunch Bitcoin Maximalist who makes it his mission to make meaning matter in the world again by showcasing the inherent good of the Bitcoin standard and highlighting the innate bad of the fiat standard. You know what’s more even more toxic than Aleks? Seed oil and soy. Follow Aleks to help alleviate your unconscious addiction to fiat nihilism.
  • Preston Pysh (@PrestonPysh) – Preston Pysh is an engineer, entrepreneur, investor, author and host of the Bitcoin Fundamentals podcast on The Investor’s Podcast Network, which he co-founded in 2014. Pysh is one of the smartest and most sensible Bitcoiners in the space, who has helped many a fledgling Bitcoiner to understand the intersections between money and finance, engineering and analysis, technology and privacy. A Bitcoiner to look to for honest insight and original comment. Follow him.
  • Michael Saylor (@saylor) – The Giga Chad; the Supreme Articulator; the Model Destroyer; the Speculative Attacker; Financier of Fiat’s Inevitable Annihilation, Michael Saylor. Engineer, entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, which has invested over $250million into Bitcoin to hodl as a treasury reserve asset. There aren’t many who can explain Bitcoin with such elegance and brevity. Saylor can, and for that he’s worth a follow from any Bitcoin noob, nym, or would be cyberhornet. Follow Saylor for mind melting metaphysical tweets like this.

The Amber App

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