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The long awaited Amber Affiliate Program for bullish Bitcoiners.

It is a truth universally acknowledged – amongst Bitcoiners, at least – that we are born to work together; like two hands, feet, or eyelids, like the upper and lower rows of our teeth. A very famous Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher, named Marcus Aurelius, said something like that once, about 1800 years ago. Long before ₿itcoin was even a spark in Satoshi’s eye. 

In the early 90s, Robert Metcalfe noted that a network’s value is proportional to the square of the number of nodes in the network. For instance, if a network has 10 nodes its inherent value is 100 (10×10=100). Add one more node and the value is 121. Add another to get 144. This is non-linear, exponential growth, often referred to as network effect. A network effect is an attribute of a company (like Amber) or other system (like the Internet or Bitcoin) such that as more people use the network, the network becomes exponentially more valuable for each user. This is known as Metcalfe’s Law

The Amber Affiliate Program is a network effect made up of bullish Amber Bitcoiners from Australia and the United States connecting to an ever bigger network effect made up of bullish Bitcoiners from all across the world. It’s Bitcoin in Amber. It’s Metcalfe’s Law2. 🌐


Most of us already falling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole are likely already telling friends and family about the benefits and virtues of this magical internet money based on immutable math and code. About Bitcoin being a reliable source of order amidst a world of chaos. About how Bitcoin has helped them to save and store their time and energy in the most sound and hardest form of money that’s ever existed on Earth. About the gains of independence, freedom and sovereignty that Bitcoin brings. And, about the universal truth that things get better when we work together. Enter the Amber Affiliate Program…

The Amber Affiliate Program is for bullish Bitcoiners who are bullish about a bright orange future, where people all across the world work together – like hands, feet, and the upper and lower rows of our teeth – to build great things from the ground up. The more bullish Bitcoiners there are, the brighter and better the world will be. 

It’s why we’re bullish. It’s why we ₿itcoin. 

And it’s why you should be part of the Amber Affiliate Program.


The Amber Affiliate Program lets you earn Bitcoin and stack extra sats simply by being a bullish Bitcoin and shilling friends and family about the beauty and benefit of saving in Bitcoin. No doubt, you already do it in your spare time, why not get paid for it?

Being a part of the Amber Affiliate Program means aligning yourself with the ethics of Amber – a serious Bitcoin-only company dedicated to making saving in Bitcoin simple and smart, to bring on hyperbitcoinization sooner, and free you and your loved ones from shitty fiat money forever.  

Here’s how our Amber Affiliate program works:

  • Amber Affiliate, Andy gives an Amber referral to his friend Xavier.
  • Xavier uses Andy’s ref link to sign up to start saving in Bitcoin, with Amber.
  • Xavier gets $10 worth of sats as a referral bonus after a minimum buy of $100.
  • Andy earns 15% on transaction fees from Xavier whenever he buys Bitcoin, easily increasing his stack.

Amber Affiliate’s get exclusive access to the Amber Affiliates Telegram Group and awesome deals on exclusive Amber merch to declare your bullish affiliation.

The Amber Affiliate Program is all about the good things that happen when network effects work and when people – let alone bullish Bitcoiners – work together to build a bright orange future for the world. Andy and Xavier are two important nodes helping to grow our Amber network by minting new Bitcoiners, who, in-turn, are connecting themselves, their friends, and family to the ever expanding Bitcoin network of Bitcoiners all across the world… 🌏

It may sound cheesy but it’s true. 🧀 🧡

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Become an Amber Affiliate and start earning rewards!

You can learn more about the Amber Affiliate Program and how you can join the Amber network, and get us all closer to a bright orange ₿itcoin future and to hyperbitcoinization.


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