How to Buy Bitcoin without Fees

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Buying Bitcoin in the 21st century is one of the best decisions one can make. To own a slice of the first (and only) digitally scarce asset, is a once in a generation opportunity. Buying

You may think it’s hard to buy Bitcoin without fees, however, on Amber – it’s simple. With one purchase it’s done.

Trading fees and transaction fees can turn people off buying Bitcoin, because it’s an extra cost. You want to be able to buy Bitcoin without fees.

There’s so many different platforms to buy Bitcoin on: decentralised exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges and Bitcoin exchanges – to name a few. Each offering a slightly different product.

Crypto exchanges tend to make it difficult to buy and sell Bitcoin without a fee. Since, they make a lot of their profit from trading fees. Crypto exchanges have a plethora of digital currencies, all with their “supposed use case”. Here at Amber, we keep it simple. You don’t get muddled up on “crypto trading” or which “crypto” will go 10x next. You buy Bitcoin and leave cryptocurrency to the rest of the masses.

There is a fundamental difference between said “crypto” and Bitcoin. There are many crypto exchanges that could help you on your journey to find the next pump & dump scheme like Luna. Coinbase is a great way to have access to those cryptocurrencies even though the CEO used to be Bitcoin only. Cryptocurrency exchanges are a great way to buy Bitcoin and everything else (crypto) with fees.

A Bitcoin exchange, like Amber, makes it easy to buy Bitcoin without fees.

We don’t confuse you with what the next crypto is to buy. We merely suggest that Bitcoin is a great way to diversify and store your wealth. Because Bitcoin is the best money out there. Not the best crypto – since, it isn’t one.

Why Buy Bitcoin?

When you buy an asset, you should know why you buy the asset. Bitcoin is no different. A lot of people buy Bitcoin for the hype that surrounds it. This isn’t a strong vindication for when the markets turn red. The Bitcoin market is extremely volatile. Meaning there are a lot of emotions within the market – fear and greed. When things are going well, it’s easy to buy. Although, once Bitcoin falls 10% in 24hrs, you really need to know why you buy.

Bitcoin solves problems. Lots of them. Satoshi Nakamoto when designing Bitcoin had to consider the transaction fees, the block speeds, the security levels and all the intricate details that we take for granted today. Satoshi created an ‘internet money’ which separates money from state. If you are fed up with how the government continues to inflate your currency – your hard work – then Bitcoin is for you. Or maybe, you’ve seen other governments take away their citizens’ money and realise that this could happen anywhere. Bitcoin is for you. You don’t appreciate how those with their hands closest to the money printer get the majority of the wealth. Bitcoin is for you. Fiat money is controllable. Bitcoin isn’t.

Bitcoin is freedom. And has a role both as an investment and as a utility. As an investment, you buy Bitcoin because it is a part of the future. There’s only ever going to be 21 million Bitcoin; the more you accumulate, the more purchasing power you’ll obtain for the future. As a utility, Bitcoin can bank the unbanked. Bitcoin, via the Layer-2 Lightning Network, is faster, cheaper and more secure than the current monetary rail systems used around the world today. Allowing the whole world to connect through a singular monetary system.

Read below on how to use Amber, a Bitcoin exchange, to convert your fiat currency into Bitcoin. The best digital currency there is. Without fees too.

Step 1: Download the Amber App

Your first step to buying Bitcoin without fees is downloading the Amber App. Search “Amber” on your Apple App store or Google Play store to start your BTC journey. You won’t need a credit card or debit card since Amber is 100% free to download.

Amber is the best place to buy Bitcoin, because it is simple, fast and secure.

Step 2: Set up an account

You’ll need an account to buy Bitcoin without fees. No stress though, since the steps to open an account are very simple. Verifying your email address and providing basic identification info (name, D.O.B, phone number) is all that’s needed. No need to deposit fiat just yet.

Bitcoin exchanges must adhere to regulatory rules surrounding identification based on your region.

Step 3: Upgrade to Amber Black

As you sign up for Amber on the app. You’ll be asked whether you want to upgrade to Amber Black. In doing so, you’ll be able to purchase Bitcoin without fees. Buying and selling Bitcoin with Amber Black is simple. Your Bitcoin experience will be lifted to something rarely seen on other Bitcoin exchanges.

Amber Black offers unique ways to stack sats. You will be able to ‘Buy the Schiff’ or ‘Stack like Saylor’, as well as many other automations to truly transform your experience. All these automations have no fee associated with them. Amber Black is truly the best way to buy Bitcoin without fees.

The cost of Amber Black differs slightly for a monthly or yearly membership. After this purchase, however, there will be no more exchange fees when you buy Bitcoin.

If Amber Black doesn’t interest you, then Amber Basic has no monthly cost associated with it. However, there is a transaction fee of 0.99% when you buy Bitcoin. You won’t be exposed to all the premium features (BTFD, Buy the Schiff etc.) but you will be able to DCA and withdraw your Bitcoin. Both have the same payment methods including bank transfers, credit cards or Apple Pay. The upfront price of Amber Black allows you to buy BTC without fees.

Step 4: Select how much Bitcoin

Now, comes the part where you decide how much Bitcoin you would like to purchase without fees. There are so many different ways to buy BTC. Like mentioned up-above, Amber Black, offers some truly unique ways to stack sats. Buying the Mayer Multiple is one of the new automations, which historically has been a great indicator of when Bitcoin’s price is cheap.

There’s nothing wrong with a simple DCA plan or a smash buy. Here at Amber, we don’t agree with crypto trading. Time and time again, individuals have benefited more from simply buying Bitcoin and HODLing, rather than trying to trade and time the market. BTC is volatile, so being able to Daily Cost Average lets you buy the tops and the bottoms. Taking the emotion out of converting your fiat money into Bitcoin at a specific price.

Remember, with Amber Black there are no transaction fees associated with buying BTC. So, how much Bitcoin you select to buy is how much you will get.

Step 5: Select Payment Method

There’s several ways to make your payment on Amber. A credit card purchase, debit card or bank transfer are some of the payment methods to buy Bitcoin. The luxury of these options, allows everyone to buy the most important asset of the 21st century.

The payment methods have various fees associated with them. For example, using your Apple wallet to make an Apple Pay payment will incur a small fee in the transaction. All the payment methods have low fees. However, if you want to buy and sell Bitcoin without fees you must use EFT option. This allows you to transfer your money from your bank to Amber without a fee. A way to deposit funds onto the Amber platform for free.

Step 6: View your Bitcoin

Done. You’ve successfully learnt how to buy Bitcoin without fees. It’s simple isn’t it. There’s no confusing aspect like on a cryptocurrency exchange. 6 steps is all it takes on the Amber platform.

Download the Amber App. Open an account. Upgrade to Amber Black. Select how much Bitcoin. Deposit fiat via EFT. Done.

Transaction fees are now gone.

If you want to send your Bitcoin into your own Bitcoin wallet, there will be a slight fee. Soon, the Lightning Network will be synced, so the fee will be a number of satoshis! We recommend all our users practice healthy Bitcoin storage, and move their BTC into their own wallet when they feel comfortable.


We know that people consider Bitcoin as highly volatile. When you consider the fiat price, it is just that. So trading Bitcoin might not be the best way to go about it.

There’s many ways to buy Bitcoin without fees. Amber is a simple, fast and secure way to buy Bitcoin without a fee.

Amber Black, offers Bitcoin without fees but also several other interesting market metrics that will make your stacking a better experience. Not only can you buy Bitcoin instantly, but the verification process is simpler and more beginner friendly than other crypto platforms. Our platform was built to teach people about the new money – Bitcoin. And help them convert their fiat into Bitcoin. Hoping that people will take the important steps today, to secure their financial future for tomorrow.

If Amber Black isn’t for you, then you can still buy Bitcoin with low fees; at some of the most competitive rates in the industry since, Amber’s fee structure is extremely basic. Meaning Bitcoin purchases will be as easy as clicking a few buttons. There’s no need to make a bank transfer or deposit funds if you don’t want to. A credit or debit card will allow you to buy or sell Bitcoin online.

There’s many places to buy Bitcoin. But none as simple, fast and secure as Amber.

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