Introducing ‘Buy the Schiff’

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published 1 year ago


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Do you feel it? A real positive Schiff in sentiment towards Bitcoin. It began back in March 2021, when Spencer Schiff, son of rusted-on gold bug, Peter Schiff, allocated 100% of his portfolio into Bitcoin. “My son went all in on #Bitcoin on the last drop below 50k. 100% of his portfolio is now in Bitcoin,” Schiff senior tweeted out on March 11.

For someone who hates Bitcoin so much, Peter Schiff sure loves to tweet about it… a lot. That’s why the Amber team is excited to announce the ‘Buy the Schiff’ feature on our Amber Black product.

How Does It Work?

Whenever our golden boy Schiff uses the hashtag #Bitcoin to tweet about the future world reserve currency, Amber Black will automatically stack a set amount of sats for you. Every. Damn. Time. It’s a brand new auto-stack feature we created, called ‘Buy the Schiff’. It makes Dollar Cost Averaging hilariously simple. Deposit funds into your Amber Black $USD wallet, set the amount of sats you want to stack, and each and every time Peter Schiffs the bed by tweeting anything about #Bitcoin, you’ll add to your stack faster than the Fed can suppress the gold price with lame paper claims. What a time to be alive.

Within just a few hours of its launch, Peter Schiff helped Amber Black user BitcoinTradie ‘Buy the Schiff’ and stack plenty more sats at $66k. Then, Bitcoiner Natalie Brunell, host of the Coin Stories podcast, gave our new automated feature some love by tweeting out this…

… which, of course, our old gold boy, Peter ‘Buy the Schiff’ Schiff, couldn’t help but reply to, which then helped more Amber Black users (with the ‘Buy the Schiff’ DCA feature activated) buy more Bitcoin. See how this works? It’s hilariously simple.

The ‘Buy the Schiff’ automatic stack feature is part of Amber Black. The best way to buy Bitcoin with Amber, which includes unlimited zero fee Bitcoin buys (and sells, lol), tighter spreads, auto-withdraws to self-custody, and simply smart automated buys, like ‘Buy the Dip’ and now, ‘Buy the Schiff’.

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Who Is It For? 

Amber Black is for serious Bitcoiners who want to add to their stack by buying Bitcoin on the regular, automatically, on the daily, weekly, or monthly, whenever market conditions match their sentiment.

How to Get Started? 

‘Buy the Schiff’ is available now to all new and existing Amber Black users. Once you’ve signed up to Amber Black you can automate your sat stacking using the ‘Buy the Schiff’ feature.

Get your Schiff together. Let Amber Black help you ‘Buy the Schiff’! 

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