Bitcoin 2022 Day Two Daily Wrap

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published 1 year ago


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Day Two of the Bitcoin 2022 Conference almost shed its Day One contentious mentions of alt-ICO-Web-3.0-pre-mined-shit-coins. Almost. Let’s just say, there was an attempt

Bitcoin Doesn’t Care

Thankfully, Bitcoin doesn’t care, because – ultimately Bitcoin is freedom and f#%k you money. In fact, that discussion between Alex Gladstein, Yeonmi Park, Farida Nabourema, and Fadi Elsalameen was a sure-fire highlight of the day: NGU Tech is good, great even, but, really, this is only because, on the other side of that ledger is the wilfully ignorant feature (not a bug) of the NGD quality that is inherent to the fiat money system.

Bitcoin is Freedom cannot be overstated.

Your bright orange future awaits…

At the Amber Booth – 1134 in the Exhibitors Hall (come say hi, if you’re here with us at Miami Beach) – the Amber crew grew in size and status as a bunch of plebian Amber Rebels lent us a hand to lightly shill the benefits of stacking and saving sats with the Amber app.

Dressed in Pac Man black tees, Ben and Jefferson and their fellow plebs in the trenches spoke to visitors of the Bitcoin 2022 Conference about all manner of things Bitcoin related. One guy mentioned to Ben that he keeps his stack on a rival exchange (which happens to also sell shit-coins), because, “if you step on your hardware wallet you lose all your funds.”

Fact check: ❌

You certainly will not lose all your funds if you step on your hardware wallet.

If you’re not confident taking self-custody of your stack on your own hardware wallet, yet – that’s cool – but, at least keep it with an exchange that offers institutional grade security for its retail customers – say Amber – who works closely with Unchained Capital to safety our customer’s coins in a secure collaborative custody multi-sig set up. Oh, and – just in case this isn’t clear – stepping on your hardware wallet only means you’ll probably need to buy a new hardware wallet (if it’s broken, proper). Your stack is safe. It’s your seed words you need to be ultra-mindful of.


Let’s see… what else happened on Day Two of the Bitcoin Conference in Miami? Oh, Mexico billionaire, Ricardo Salinas revealed he has 60% of his wealth in Bitcoin, that it’s not crypto, it’s Bitcoin (duh), and that the cult of central banks is a fiat religion. Sounds about right.

Jack Mallers announced some very cool things regarding payment rails, Shopify and POS integrations, Saifedean Ammous delivered a fire talk, which asked the question – is Fiat Money Worth it? – and, the Open Source Stage was still the coolest part of Bitcoin 2022.

Jimmy Song, stacking like a Saylor, or buying the Schiff?

Shout out to Jimmy Song – Bitcoin programmer, author, and all-round real one – as well as Bitcoin writer and author, Knut Svanholm for both stopping by the Amber booth, to spend some time trying to talk some sense into Schiff, who refuses to take off that gaudy gold suit. And, to Matthew More – entrepreneur, podcast host (but, for some reason, still into ‘crypto’) – for visiting us at Booth 1134, and not once mentioning the benefits of buying Shiba Inu. Respect.

∞/21 – Saylor or Schiff? Which way Western man?

Last, but not least, Amber founder and host of the Wake Up podcast, Aleks Svetski, alongside long time friend, and Market Disruptors founder Mark Moss, released their long awaited… like, really long awaited rebuttal, to one of the most influential and incorrect books of all time, the Communist Manifesto. Their book, the UnCommunist Manifesto – which you can pre-order here – seeks to reframe the negative “struggle” concept of the original book, into a more hopeful, sane, and sensible context for the 21st Century. Can’t wait to read it.

Day Two of the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in the books… Tune back in tomorrow for all the highlights from Day Three, where – hopefully – the Bitcoin Conference has finally shed itself of any mention of any ‘crypto’ scam coins. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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