Bitcoin 2022 Day Three Daily Wrap

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published 1 year ago


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Day 3 of the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami Beach, Florida, went parabolic…

Did you spy Schiff, and Saylor’s body double poke their heads up during the live stream? It was awesome… more on that later…

Trust Is Destroyed

Attendees soaked in an ATH line up on the main stage, beginning with some high level macro insights from Preston Pysh, Jeff Ross, Jeff Booth, and Mark Moss who declared that “trust is being destroyed” within society, due to the state of current geopolitical events – e.g. Honk Honk, Swift Sanctions, and money printer go brrr, just to name a few – and so people are looking for an alternative to store their time and energy in; say, some kind of decentralised ledger that nobody can control (huh?). On the commentary panel, Jimmy Song declared that he hated lawyers for their attempts to “word-think” their way through reality, as a few choice passers of the bar went back and forth with each other on the main stage about the interrelationship between Bitcoin and the US Constitution. Do you think they know that Mises’ concept of Human Action is an axiom for a reason?

Yet – despite some pensive bearishness (probably stemming from he not being as deep down the rabbit hole as some) – it was Jordan Peterson who stole the show, particularly with his comments around free-market operations, sovereignty, agency, and central planners:

“One of the fundamental axioms of a free-market system is that the only way to properly compute the value of the emerging horizon of the future is by sampling… the free choice of a multitude of free agents. That’s actually the only way you can do it. There is no central planning way, even in principle, that can substitute for that… We can’t compute the future algorithmically.”Jordan Peterson Fireside Chat, Bitcoin 2022.

Amber HQ

Back at Amber HQ, the Amber Rebels assembled at Booth 1134 (come say hi tomorrow for the final day) to lightly shill the ‘orange coin good’ gospel to no-pre-and-existing-coiners alike, telling them all about the benefits of stacking sats and saving Bitcoin with Amber, plus all the rewards for becoming an Amber Affiliate (like, a 15% transaction referral fee).

3D Emoji Cup 4
Become an Amber Affiliate and start earning rewards!

Special shout out to Amber Rebels, Elizabeth and Diego, for pulling off the best pleb move of the entire conference…

With their powers combined they not only managed to get Amber mascots, Schiff and Saylor onto the Bitcoin 2022 broadcast for the whole world to see, they even scored a photo of Saylor next to Saylor dressed as a sailor promoting our new Amber Black DCA feature: Stack like a Saylor. 💥🚀🌖

🔶 Amber Rebels, Elizabeth and Diego 💪

Saylor vs. Schiff vs. Plebs

It was great to see all the plebs who made their way over to the Amber Booth on Day 3 in Miami. We had visits from the Bitcoin content king and queen The Crypto Couple (when Bitcoin Couple name change, fam?), Stephan Livera from the Stephan Livera Podcast, Phil and Nico from Simply Bitcoin TV, and Ben, BTC Sessions – one of the best Bitcoin channels on YouTube. Here is BTC Sessions Ben trying to combine powers with our very own Ben, before Jefferson had to step in to squash any fomenting insurrection by this duo of Bens… #shoogate.

Speaking of Ben – Amber Ben – said that some of his highlights on Day 3 were eating one of Mandrik’s baklava’s, chatting with Stephan about Aussie overreach (👀), and meeting with the Ben’s of Bitcoin (of which there really are a lot!).

Day Three of Bitcoin 2022 was nothing short of epic. History in the making! Tune back in tomorrow for all the highlights from the final day, Day Four, and be sure to follow, reach out, and tag us in your pics and posts on Twitter and Instagram.

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