Bitcoin 2022, Day One Daily Wrap

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published 1 year ago


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An archway of skeletal steel scaffolding draped in orange coloured banners branded ‘Bitcoin 2022’ looms large over the attendees passing through into one of – if not – the biggest Bitcoin event in world; Bitcoin 2022.

The Amber crew feat. Jefferson, Ben, and Tehani set themselves up at Booth 1134 in the Exhibitors Hall, and were joined by well-known Bitcoin figures, old gold bug Peter Schiff, and his arch-nemesis, Michael Saylor.

High Vibes and Bright Minds

Vibes were high on Day One, with plebs of all stripes making their way to the Miami Beach Convention Centre to scope out the best in Bitcoin – spoken, debated, and discussed by some of the brightest minds and best dressed folks in the space.

Did you catch Olaoluwa Osuntokun – aka @roasbeef – incredible 90s Daisy-Age throw-back on stage at the Open Source stage?

Ben from Amber – your friendly Telegram moderator – had a casual chat with a U.S. regulator and asked him – “So, how can the state monopolise and debase the currency in the name of stability?” – to which the regulator had no real answer and promptly walked away. lol. Try again on Day Two, Ben?

Plebs of all stripes mixed it up with the suits in pin-stripes, side by side, spending the day wandering the halls of the Miami Beach Exhibition Centre, scoping out the venue, the developers, coders, speakers, businesses, and artists, who have all come together at Bitcoin 2022 to connect and lightly shill their unique products in the Bitcoin Bazaar and elsewhere…

Bold Strategy

In a bold strategy, the team at Bitcoin Magazine assembled an all-star cast of Bitcoin commentators to host, and… well… commentate on the goings-on of the event, and the industry more generally. Nic Carter, who seemed to have been shopping at the Candy-Man store, before having his hair cut by a lawn mower, was caught saying the quiet part out loud, while Marty Bent did a great job of keeping Marty Jones at bay… for now. Aussie Bitcoiner (and host of one of the best podcasts in the space), Stephan Livera was looking sharp behind the blue fans of the Marathon sponsored Bitcoin Magazine press desk, next to Greg “it’s just maths” Foss, and his rhyming brother from another mother, Jeff Ross. Fun.

Ben also mentioned one of his highlights was meeting with a professor of finance, who said she loves Bitcoin and how it is revolutionising money, here and now, as well as changing how we interact with each other, for the better. And we’ve only just begun.

That’s it from Day One of the Bitcoin 2022 Conference. Tune back in tomorrow for all the highlights from Day Two. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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