Bitcoin 2022 Day Four Daily Wrap

2 min read by Hugh
published 1 year ago


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… and just like that, Bitcoin 2022 has come and gone, but not without leaving behind a whole fresh set of memes and ideas, concepts and content, new insight… and, yeah ok, a bit of midwit-shit-coinery too.

Do What You Love

Yet, overall, because Bitcoiners from all walks of life are so intent on doing what they love – making Bitcoin the money of the world – Bitcoin 2022 in Miami was awash with an abundance of positive energy and bright intelligence that will only make Bitcoin stronger in the long run. And, in Bitcoin, it’s all about the long run.

Day Four was a quieter affair compared to the previous three days… if you don’t count the Sound Money Fest, which was as close as Bitcoin gets to a becoming a bona fide place of worship, where the gospel of Satoshi is delivered by the bar with a filthy bass laden beat behind it.

Orange coin good, womp womp.  

There were a few stragglers found wandering about in the Exhibitors Hall, still perusing the stalls, waiting to get books signed by Saif, and Knut, and Tomer, and Allen, and Aleks, and Mark, or maybe buying a last minute gift or some other Bitcoin 2022 memorabilia at the Bitcoin Bazaar.

Memories and Memorabilia

Our memorabilia’s are all found online and in our minds, thanks to the epic efforts of our Amber Rebels over the past four days in Miami. This moment was by far the most memorable for us. And it’s been turned into a GIF – which you can use alongside all our others in an effort to continue to orange pill your friends and family… 🔶

Speaking of… our boy, Jefferson helped an eth.head realise that his much beloved shitcoin has a supply cap of infinity – kinda like fiat, really – and, thus will inevitably trend towards a value of absolute zero. He even convinced a couple more slightly misguided folks to comprehend the concept of opportunity cost and thus sell their shitcoin in order to stack sats – with Amber – instead.

That was nothing short of an epic four days at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami Beach. Thank you to all the plebs who stopped by our booth to hang out with us, and Schiff, and Saylor; even that one special dude who tried to talk to us about his ‘Captain Inu’ coin… 🙃

Remember folks:

Bitcoin 2022 – the event is over – but Bitcoin – the freedom money protocol – endures. Our bright orange future is only just beginning…

OK, we’re off to relax by the beach, now… ✌🌴

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