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Amber’s mission is to make Bitcoin simple for serious Bitcoiners. Everybody knows, we are the GOAT when it comes to intelligent DCA auto-stacking features. For years, we’ve been making Bitcoin seriously simple for pre-coiners and newbie no-coiners to stack their first sats. Next, we made buying Bitcoin price dumps a breeze with our brash Buy the Dip feature. Then, we made stacking sats straight-up hilarious with our brutal Buy the Schiff element. No contest.

Enter x3 new DCA sat stacking features, fresh for Amber Black users: Fear & Greed, Mayer Multiple, and our new favorite, Stack Like a Saylor.

Stack Like a Saylor

As any serious Bitcoiner knows, it’s going up forever… Laura. And while you may not be able to DCA phat stacks of sats, like Michael Saylor, you can try to maintain some sense of parity by engaging our awesome Stack Like a Saylor auto-buy feature on Amber Black. Every time Saylor tweets about #Bitcoin, you’ll stack an appropriate amount of sats, which you set, in an aspirational fellowship with the Bitcoin Gigchad himself. You can even boast about it to other cyber-hornets on Bitcoin Twitter. You know there is no second best when you Stack like a Saylor, with Amber.

Fear & Greed Index

Be greedy when others are fearful. We stack the sats. We buy the dip. When the price dumps, we travel in the direction of our fears. This is where we set the floor. This is where we hodl. This is where we fight. This is where fiat dies. This. Is. Bitcoin.

Be ruthless. Buy Bitcoin whenever the needle of the Fear & Greed Index is soaked in red using our new Fear & Greed automation. The Fear & Greed Index is a multi-factorial market sentiment indicator that measures volatility, exchange volumes, and social media analysis, Bitcoin dominance and search trends data to determine the hive minds sentiment towards buying or selling the hardest money the world has ever known. When markets are irrational and driven by emotions rather than reality, our new auto-DCA feature will make it easier for you to scoop up any anxious sats panic sold by those more fearful than you.

Simply enter in your fear trigger purchase amount, and review the back test analysis that will inform you how often your setting has triggered historically. When the rest of the market is scared and selling, you’ll be stacking those sweet satoshis.

Mayer Multiple

Last in our latest suite of sweet auto-sat stacking strategy is one for the traders and nerds in the know. The Mayer Multiple is used to determine whether Bitcoin is overbought, fairly priced, or undervalued by comparing the current price of Bitcoin against the 200 day moving average. As the indicator rises, it shows when Bitcoin may be overbought (within an historical price context). Simulations have determined that the best long-term results for accumulating bitcoin were achieved whenever the Mayer Multiple was below 2.4. Basically, our new Mayer Multiple automation lets you avoid buying more Bitcoin at a premium, when the indicator indicates that the market may be overbought.

Activate any of these awesome new Amber app automation’s on your Amber Black account, and rest easy knowing that you’re always stacking sats at the right time and at the right price.

Amber makes Bitcoin seriously simple to use for everyone, while Amber Black takes your Bitcoin sat-stacking and savings to the next level with smart automations, zero fees, automated withdrawals, and tighter spreads.

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