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· 10 min read

Feeling the Burn: How the Perth Heat moved to a Bitcoin standard.

Australian Baseball League, the Perth Heat became the first professional sporting club in the world to operate on a Bitcoin standard. The club now uses the Lightning Network to make Bitcoin payments to players, staff and suppliers and take payments...
Money · 6 min read
Even if you have an investment portfolio that includes stocks, property, precious metals, and other investments, you still need a savings instrument and a hedge against the corruption of fiat currency. So, is Bitcoin superior to Fiat?
Money · 7 min read
Millions, billions, trillions. What do these numbers mean? $10 Trillion (with a T) has been magically manifested into financial markets since the end of 2019… Let’s try to visualize just how outrageous today’s monetary policy has become by trying to wrap our heads around the size of these numbers: million, billion, trillion.
Culture · 6 min read
FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt – is one of the biggest deterrents for new or would-be â‚żitcoiners. Salty no-coiners have latched on to a whole host of wild theories, suspect narratives, and often dubious statistics in order to try to persuade you that buying Bitcoin is a bad idea.
Money · 9 min read
Welcome to our new monthly Market Conditions blog, where we examine important on-chain, technical or social analytics. The following is a review of what happened throughout the month of January and what we might expect moving forward…
Money · 8 min read
Often, you will hear from traders and others about the “fundamentals” of ₿itcoin. That they look good or bad, or trending sideways, or otherwise some other comment. Most people don’t actually know what fundamentals are, let alone what they mean. Some even think that price action is a fundamental property of any asset, which it absolutely is not.
Culture · 5 min read
Bitcoin Twitter is an incredibly insightful albeit niche corner of the internet where a hydra of hyper-intelligent, parochial, plebeian cyber hornets swarm like white blood cells to argue and discuss, hash out, shit-post and promote battle-hardened ideas around Bitcoin, sound money, sovereignty, liberty and freedom.
Money · 14 min read
We’re living through unprecedented times… History suggests that unrestrained monetary policy is unsustainable and is just one reason why many of us are finding ourselves fascinated by Bitcoin as a possible solution to a faltering financial system.
Money · 6 min read
Bitcoin and stocks are both popular investment options. Both can be bought and sold in a similar manner and both carry risks and rewards for those willing to participate.

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently used Bitcoin terms you need to know about. With this handy glossary on hand, these words will soon feel like second nature and you’ll be understanding & using Bitcoin like a pro.

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