Bitcoin Pizza Day: The world’s first Bitcoin transaction

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day, a celebration of one of the earliest documented payments made with Bitcoin. To celebrate, Amber is giving away 1M sats to three people. But first, let’s revisit this unique piece of Bitcoin folklore.

Amber Analysed: Bitcoin Investment, Magic Minerals

We’re up a gear and coasting with big movers emerging from the shadows and all roads fleeing fiat. With everything from literal explosions to decentralised finance proving how centralised it is, this past month has been anything but eventful. It also doesn’t hurt that we got to taste some lofty heights, even if it was but for a brief moment.

Analysed by Amber – July 29th

First slowly, and then suddenly. There’s something in the air and it may well be the faint waft of rocket fuel. Sorry for the lateness, Bitcoin did a thing.

Analysed by Amber – July 15th 2020

A new financial year brings promises of recovery, the reality of a second wave and the first fresh calendar following Bitcoin’s third halving.

Analysed by Amber – June 30th 2020

Few things are staying consistent at the moment, but Bitcoin appears to be one of them. Naysayers also turned face and Lebanon fled to property assets amongst other events. There’s a lot going on outside it would seem.

Analysed by Amber – June 15th 2020

With the world in upheaval and uncertainty all around, Bitcoin stood firm as a strikingly stable asset. Though the tail-end of this fortnight began to offer a rather stark prediction for weeks to come.