Bitcoin matters.

Elon Musk, the richest man on Earth, loves it. His company, Tesla, now owns 1.5 billion US dollars’ worth. Soon you will be able to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin, and Tesla might even keep your payment in Bitcoin rather than converting it into dollars. This is because Bitcoin is Money 2.0 — it does everything traditional money does, but better. And you can buy Money 2.0 now, for a fraction of its eventual price.

The easiest way to start earning money with Bitcoin is to think of it as an investment in a stock. You buy it, its value increases, then you sell it for profit. Simple. 

How much profit?

Banking giants JP Morgan predict 1 bitcoin will eventually be worth $146,000 (at the time of writing, the price is around $40,000). Citibank thinks $300,000 is more accurate. Multi-billionaire and Bitcoin pioneer Michael Saylor thinks 1 Bitcoin could one day be worth $14 million. That would be really nice. 

The best thing about this opportunity is that all you need to get started is Amber. You can invest a lump sum, or set up monthly payments that we automatically convert into Bitcoin for you. You can sell whenever you want, or hold on to your Bitcoin in our secure wallet right inside your phone. Amber is simple, fast, and secure, so there are no more excuses. Start your Bitcoin journey today.

Written by Joseph Khalique-Brown