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*$168 billed annually
Exchange Fees
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Bitcoin Withdrawals

Fixed Fee Self Service
Variable Fee Self Service
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Enhanced BPay
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Premium Features

Intelligent Automations
Buy the dip (BTD)
Sell the pump (STP)
Mayer Multiple
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Custom Automations
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Limit Orders
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5 days (Weekday business hours)
5 days (Weekday business hours)


1 Free BTC withdrawal / month
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“Amber is the easiest way to start or continue along your Bitcoin-saving journey. A focused Bitcoin-only product with no distractions, competitive rates and unique functionality - sure to impress both novices and veterans alike”
Hass McCook
Civil Engineer, Speaker, early Bitcoin adopter
“Amber is hands-down my favorite app for automating my Bitcoin purchases. I have been using it for over a year and cannot recommend Ambers simplicity and usefulness enough”
Torsten Hoffman
Award-winning producer #CryptopiaFilm
“Amber is a set and forget process. The interface is simple and it is a terrific way to consistently engage with bitcoin in a low friction way”
Daniel Pickering
Chief Investment Officer, ListedReserve

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Frequently asked questions

No, you do not need to verify your identity to start purchasing Bitcoin. However, identity verification is required in order withdraw USD, or send BTC.

Exchange Fees:

Exchange fees are linked to your membership tier.
Amber Basic members: 0.99% of Bitcoin purchases or sales.
Amber Black members: 0% of Bitcoin purchases or sales.

Credit/Debit Card and Apple/Google Pay Fees:

There will be a 1.8% charge fee per debit/credit card transaction below $2,000 or 1.2% fee per transaction above $2,000.

Withdrawal Fees:
Withdrawals are free.
Bitcoin withdrawals incur a flat 0.0003BTC (30,000 sats) transaction fee.

Amber stores all of your Bitcoin in cold storage collaborative custody wallets, with the help of the team at Unchained Capital. Cold storage involves keeping the keys associated with the Bitcoin offline, whilst collaborative custody (also known as multi-signature) requires multiple parties to be able to sign a transaction to move funds from a Bitcoin address. Together, cold-stored collaborative custody is the safest way in the world to hold bitcoin, and because Amber is a buy-side dominant product, it means we can maintain 100% of all bitcoin in cold storage.

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