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Bitcoin Giveaway

To help celebrate Amber being back online in AU – we’re giving away $50 AUD worth of sats.

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Step 1

Capture a photo with a caption or a video with audio of why you believe Amber is the best to stack sats in AU.

Post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #StackWithAmber and tag Amber.

Step 2

Slide into our DMs with a link to the post and our team will be in touch—good luck!

Find our socials
Twitter: @theamberapp
Instagram: @amber.app
Facebook: @theamberapp

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Conditions of entry

  • All users who qualify for incentive will need to be identified and followed up via DMs to provide reward.
  • Recipients will need to provide an email address and be an Amber user.
  • End date will be 30days from the start date.
  • The content should include why they love or prefer Amber to stack sats.
  • Posts can be text only though images or videos are preferred. All posts must include the approved hashtag. #StackWithAmber and tag @AmberApp.
  • Amber will reward each user with $50 AUD worth of sats.
  • All contributions must be positive in nature. Amber reserves the right to not accept or pay negative reviews. If you do have any negative comments please contact our team via our social profiles or [email protected]
  • Limited to one incentive per user.
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Buy Bitcoin with Amber

Make instant Bitcoin purchases or recurring investments from as little as $5/mth.

Available on iOS and Android