Amber’s mission is to make Bitcoin simple for serious Bitcoiners. And the most simple way to stack sats and save in Bitcoin is with our awesome suite of sweet auto-sat stacking strategies; DCA:

Trying to time the market often backfires, as emotions take over. DCA, or Dollar-Cost-Averaging – is a powerful savings strategy that takes the emotion out of the day to day price swings, and instead helps you see the wood for the trees. Go beyond the daunting short-term-volatility inherent to a rapidly monetising asset and get the benefit of Bitcoin’s long-term upward price trend, slowly and steady, gradually, then suddenly.

Save in Bitcoin the Amber way.

Amber Makes Saving in Bitcoin Simple

As the world’s first Bitcoin-Only DCA app, Amber has been leading the pack in Bitcoin savings and accumulation via our auto-buy and recurring purchase features.. We have now improved our dashboard to make setting up and managing your preferred DCA even easier. Get updated info on your next upcoming recurring without leaving the dashboard. And with a couple taps you can now view and manage all your recurring purchases.; whether you want to Buy the Dip, Buy the Schiff, Stack Like a Saylor, embrace the Fear & Greed, or take advantage of the Mayer Multiple.

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Dollar Cost Averaging is the way

We believe Bitcoin is the future of money, and the most powerful savings tool ever built. And saving money properly is all about time in the market, not timing the market. Jump into the Amber App and tap the ‘Recurring Purchases’ card on your dashboard to set-up, view, and manage your next automated Bitcoin purchase.

Leverage the power of Amber’s DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) features to get the full effect of NGU (Number Go Up) tech.

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