Buying Bitcoin has been a journey for many.

A journey not only of learning what Bitcoin is, and why it’s important to hold a superior form of money that’s immune to inflation, confiscation and manipulation, but also a journey in terms of actually acquiring it in a safe, sensible and reliable way.

I remember the first time I came across Bitcoin the only way to buy it was to contact someone sketchy over some obscure Internet forum, organise to meet them in a cafe or at a bar, and exchange some cash (remember that stuff?) for Bitcoin.

As time went on, it got a little simpler. Online brokers emerged where you got ‘lock in a price’ and then have 3hrs to run to the newsagent to deposit money via BlueShyft.

This was painful to say the least.

Then came the 2016/2017 era in which Bitcoin had its most famed “Bull run”. During this period a series of exchanges and brokerages launched which allowed people to use EFT or in some cases POLi, but it still took days for funds to clear and was a genuine nightmare when you wanted to make an instant purchase.

Furthermore, the banks were completely anti Bitcoin. People’s bank accounts would get shut down just for putting the word “Bitcoin” in the reference, and the exchange & brokerage owner’s accounts would get shut down randomly as the banks tried to crack down on it.

But, here we are now. 2021, and Bitcoin companies have been almost as relentless as Bitcoin.

Nowadays, you can fund most exchange and brokerage accounts with either EFT, PayID, POLi, BPay and in some cases Direct Debit or Credit Card.

At Amber, we have all of those funding methods built into the app, but have most recently launched what we believe is a total game changer.

Australians can now Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay and Google Pay through Amber

Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

It’s perhaps the fastest, safest and most secure way to buy Bitcoin in Australia and it’s available now for all Amber users in Australia.

This means you can now buy Bitcoin in less than 15sec and a few taps of your finger, without needing to share your credit or debit card details with anyone.

It’s safe. It’s instant. It’s secure. It’s cheap.

Cheap you say?

Most platforms, where credit or debit card is enabled for Bitcoin or crypto purchases, charge between 5% – 9% for the processing fee.

At Amber, we’ve worked hard to bring that fee down to its bare minimum:

  • For purchases up to $2000, we only charge a 1.8% processing fee.
  • For purchases over $2000, we’ve got that processing fee down to 1.2%.

That’s a lower rate that most local cafes or buying shoes on an instagram page! (each who will generally charge you 2%).

This is an Australian first, and is a total game changer.
Whether you’re new to Bitcoin, or are an experienced “Stacker of Sats”, buying Bitcoin with either Apple or Google Pay means that you’ll never have to wait for funds to clear, you can buy as & when you need to, and you’ll never have to expose your credit or debit card details.

To get started, simply:

Set up your account under 90 seconds,
and make your first Bitcoin investment under 60 seconds.

That’s all it takes to acquire your first bit of Bitcoin.
Simple, hassle free, secure.

Our mission at Amber, from the beginning, has been to help people build enduring wealth. We’re doing this by enabling access to Bitcoin in the most seamless, focused and automated way possible.

We’ve never deviated from this outcome and will continue to ensure our product delivers on this promise. Apple & Google Pay are just the next step on this journey.

If you’d like to learn more about Amber’s Bitcoin Journey to date, and what makes our product differ, check out the following article we wrote together with the team at Unchained Capital:

The Journey of a Bitcoiner

We really hope you enjoy the experience and look forward to hearing your feedback. You can reach out to us anytime on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Until then we wish you all the best on your Bitcoin journey.

The Amber Team