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Money · 9 min read by Ryan
One of October’s highlights was the approval of a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund within the United States. The news garnered a lot of attention, begging the question: Can Bitcoin be traded as a mainstream financial product while maintaining its fundamental purpose and identity?
Technology · 5 min read by Hugh
Taproot is an upgrade to the Bitcoin code, which improves transaction privacy, scalability, efficiency, and much more.
Culture · 8 min read by Beautyon
There are widespread misconceptions about what Bitcoin is. These misconceptions, when peddled as the truth and mixed with people who have power to control others, makes for a toxic cocktail that can potentially hurt millions of innocent people…

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently used Bitcoin terms you need to know about. With this handy glossary on hand, these words will soon feel like second nature and you’ll be understanding & using Bitcoin like a pro.

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