Our story

Discovering Bitcoin is the start of a lifelong journey.
We’ll be one of your many travel companions.

Our why

Amber was conceived in late 2017. After spending a number of years trying to convince people to just “buy some bitcoin”, our founders noticed that they always received the same responses: “I just don’t know where to buy it”, “I’m not sure how much to buy or how much to pay”, “It’s just too hard”…

—  Amber was born in an attempt to solve these problems.

Humble beginnings

The initial iteration would convert your spare change into Bitcoin, but early on we found that required deep access to people’s bank accounts, which went against our value for financial privacy.

In 2019, we reinvented Amber, and led the Dollar Cost Averaging movement, with the aim to help people “stack sats” on autopilot.

Since then, Amber has grown to help thousands of Australians from all walks of life acquire some Bitcoin in the most sensible way possible.

Our values


We pride ourselves on an easy to use, mobile-first experience ensuring you maximize your Bitcoin accumulation.

Focus on Bitcoin

We actually care about changing the world for the better, which is why we always have and always will focus on Bitcoin.

Intelligent investing

We believe that preserving wealth is best done with an intelligent and sensible long-term approach.

Where we are now

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Amber is on a mission to empower everyone with the ability to build enduring wealth by simplifying access to the best version possible of the tool we call money – Bitcoin.

Our team is driven by a passion for creating solutions that make Bitcoin more accessible. We revel in seeing not only our customers, but the wider community make positive steps toward a better future via this access, and look forward to the day the financial and economics framework we live within becomes more robust and equitable.

Amber is fortunate to have some outstanding backers.

Interested in investing in our growth and the future we are building?

Meet the team

Peter heads up Amber’s operations. With over a decade and a half of experience in operations, production and software development, Peter guides the team at Amber in their quest to deliver the easiest way to invest in Bitcoin. Together, Peter and the team creatively harness the power of technology as they contribute to the ideal of empowering everyone with better money.

Peter Young COO

As a key member of the founding team, Ryan brings a wealth of experience as he heads up our Customer Support and Nurture team. Having worked for high growth software startups since the age of 17, Ryan has a great intuition for finding the best way to give customers experiences they love. This valuable skill set has seen him sought after by many high growth businesses including Tesla.

Ryan Neale Head of Customer Growth and Support

Jin Shin

Front-End Developer

Hayden Jackson

Lead Software Developer

Charlotte Clauzet

UX/UI Product Designer

Yuchi Zhang

UX / UI Designer

Kai Yeung

Compliance and Risk